Sell Gold Here

Have a gram or two, or more of placer gold you want to sell? Well, I am buying, and here’s how to sell me your gold:

Email me at dylan@millerprospecting with “Placer Gold for Sale” in the subject, so I don’t miss it.

  • In the email make sure you include:
  • Your full name, first and last
  • Your Paypal address
  • A picture of your gold (dry) on a scale set to grams, the gold must be free on black sand or other non-gold materials (rocks, debris, etc)

Once I receive your email, pics, and info I will respond with an offer. I typically pay between 85-90% of Gold Spot depending on the size of the gold. Offers will only be valid for 24 hours, if the gold has not shipped within that time frame the offer will be canceled.

Rules to sell me gold:

  • I typically only buy small amounts of gold (1-5 grams) though it never hurts to ask
  • I only pay via Paypal, no exceptions
  • Natural Placer Gold only, I don’t buy jewelry, dental, or scrap gold
  • Gold must be dried out and clean of non-gold material when you ship
  • If we agree on a price and you ship me your gold you must provide me with a tracking number within 24 hours

Once I receive your gold I will make sure it is clean of non-gold material and weigh it up. I will confirm with you via email if my final weight matches your claimed weight.

  • If the amounts are the same I will send payment within 24 hours of receiving the gold
  • If the weights do not match I will email you with the difference I found and a new offer that will be valid for 24 hours. If we can’t agree on a new price then you will be responsible for providing a return shipping label
  • If what you sent me is not placer gold it will be thrown away unless you provide a return shipping label within 24 hours

I reserve the right to refuse any package for any reason, and/or require a return label to be provided within 24 hours or the package will be disposed of.