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Where do you get your paydirt?

I buy the majority of it from online sellers or ebay. You can check out my current list of websites that sell paydirt HERE.

What is the difference between unsearched and searched paydirt?

Unsearched paydirt is supposed to be just that, unsearched. It means a seller takes the dirt and maybe screens out the large rocks but they do not look for any gold in it. So it will have every speck of gold that was in it when dug up out of the earth. Searched means the seller knows how much gold was in the paydirt or at least how much is in it on average. So if a seller sees a 5lb bag of paydirt averages $10 worth of gold it is better for him to sell it for $20-$25 then try to recover the $10 worth of gold. Or he can seed it (see next question) and ask for even more money.

What is seeded paydirt?

Seeded paydirt means the seller added more gold to the paydirt to make it worth mor emoney. You will see a lot of sellers advertise that the paydirt will be guaranteed to have x amount of gold, that is because they add the gold or seed it.

What kind of paydirt do you prefer?

I actually prefer unsearched paydirt, because the gamble makes it more fun. However I have found that probably 90% or more of sellers who say paydirt is unsearched are fudging the truth. Most paydirt that is labeled as unsearched is actually just searched paydirt that has a really low amount of gold, so the seller can use the usearched as an excuse for lower gold counts.

Do you ever review the same seller twice?

Yes and eventually I plan on reviewing most sellers multiple times. I probably won’t review sellers I think are nothing more then cheats since would be a waste of my money and time.

What equipment do you use?

I am a panner, plain and simple. Since I don’t live where gold is found I have no use for sluice boxes. I used to use a miller table for the flour gold but I wasn’t happy with the one I owned so retired it until I can either buy or build a better one. I try not to buy pay dirt that is advertised as flour gold only since I have never found any worth even the trouble of recovering it. After I pan the pay dirt 3-4 times I do save the very fine black sands for later when I replace my miller table so I can update any reviews.

What does ROI stand for?

ROI is short for Return On Investment. In other words its how much gold I recovered in comparison to how much I paid for the bag of paydirt. For example if I pay $100 for a bag of paydirt and recover $60 worth of gold then I have a 60% ROI.

Why don’t all of your reviews have videos?

Honestly, it is because I am really not tech savvy. I am a hands on person and tech stuff drives me crazy. So it took me a while to get into the idea of shooting videos etc. So a lot of my older reviews are simply me typing, and poorly at that. All current and future reviews will have videos though so make sure you subscribe to my youtube account HERE.