Hey Everyone, I’m Dylan the ugly mug behind Miller Prospecting.

In 2013 I became disabled and went through some major life changes. No longer working or doing the things I loved took a huge toll on me mentally and then one day on a random eBay search I discovered “Gold Paydirt”. $50.00 later I had a bag of paydirt and a gold pan coming. I can honestly say that 1st bag of paydirt changed my life in so many ways, but the biggest was it took my mind off my pain and my struggles. Every day I sat on my porch and panned out paydirt, in most cases it was dirt I had already panned out a dozen times but I was hooked. I loved panning paydirt.

After a few months of buying paydirt with no guarantees, and no scale to weigh up what I found I stumbled upon a website selling a 1gram bag of paydirt for $50.00, which was about $10-15 more than I usually spent but wanted to try it. That one bag, that was the one that started Miller Prospecting. While I still didn’t have a scale I could see that 1gram was about 10 times more than I had ever gotten out of a bag off eBay.

So in 2014 I bought a scale, a domain name, and started recording via a blog about all of my results. That blog turned into a YouTube channel at Youtube.com/MillerProspecting with one goal in mind to find all the best paydirts and expose all the worst ones. With the help of all my subscribers and supporters at Patreon.com/MillerProspecting, I have well over 300 Reviews and Battles all posted here. I also do weekly live shows panning out paydirt.