Equipment Reviews

Reviews of Gold Mining Equipment from gold pans, to Miller tables and everything in between. As well as reviews of anything and everything not directly used for Gold Recovery.

GPAA Fine Gold Mini Sluice


The GPAA Gutter Mini Sluice: I have been wanting to get a mini sluice for a while now and the GPAA Mini Sluice seemed like the perfect choice. I needed something I could use in a recirculating system. It also had to really catch gold, and be at a low …

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TurboPan Review

Ok been on an equipment kick lately but don’t fret more gold reviews are coming. In fact a ton of gold reviews are coming. I will be going from one review a month to 3-4 reviews per month for next couple of months. Also Labor day weekend me and the …

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Vial Vault Review

***Update*** The sellers website has closed, and seems most sellers have stopped carrying this product. The GOOD news is the “Vial Vault” was nothing more than a AA battery case you can buy on amazon, with 4 vials added to it. Oh and some stickers and such as well but …

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Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Review

Well, I feel stupid today, or at least this morning. I had promised to have new video up of this product review on the 10th and even worked all night to ensure this post and the video were live before midnight on the 10th. Then after really busy two¬†days I …

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