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Reviews of Gold & Gem Paydirt from the best to the worst! So dig into the reviews before buying the dirt.

GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt Review

goldbay paydirt review

The Review of GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt: is one of the most requested sellers I get asked to review. It has also been on my own personal top 3 list for some time now. One, okay the main reason I have wanted to review the GoldBay paydirt is the …

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Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Paydirt Review

Ebay Seller Paydirt Review

The Review of eBay seller Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Paydirt: The first thing that you will notice if you purchase this bag is the hand written notice. This isn’t the typical one sentence thank you. Instead Prospector Bob at Find_The_Line_Prospecting writes a long detailed thank you. It is a welcome change to the …

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Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review

felix paydirt free sample review

The Review of Felix Paydirt Free Sample: So everyone loves free right, so who could pass up on free paydirt. On a recent visit to the website I remembered that they offer a free sample of the paydirt they sell. Get your free sample today and we will rush …

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Places to sell placer GOLD

Where to sell placer GOLD! One of the great things about mining for gold, whether it’s from real mining or buying paydirt online, is the gold itself. It’s shiny, it looks beautiful and it is worth money! That is where the problem comes in for some people, where to sell …

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Prospector Matt 1lb Virginia Paydirt Review

prospectormatt paydirt review

The Review of Prospector Matt 1lb Virginia Paydirt: This week I am going to be doing 3 reviews of paydirt from Prospector Matt who just recently started selling online. I found his website while browsing eBay and emailed him soon after. The customer service I received was wonderful, answering about …

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Gold Prospecting at Menards

Gold Prospecting at Menards

Gold Prospecting at Menards: Well I am sure you have all seen the videos where prospectors check for gold in Home Depot Sand. Recently Klesh Guitars shot a video where he found a speck of gold from a few bags. Something previously done by Jeff Williams and before that by …

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Mikes Gold Paydirt 4oz Bag Review

mikesgoldpaydirt review

The Review of Mikes Gold Paydirt 4oz Bag: After a really busy month I decided I needed something small and easy to start this month with and Mikes Gold Paydirt was just the ticket. Before I start the review I must throw in a small disclaimer or warning. I have previously …

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LynchMining Reserve XL Paydirt Review

lynchmining paydirt review

The Review of LynchMining Reserve XL Paydirt: Like all good things, Goldpalooza has to end, but not with out one last review. To close it out in style I chose LynchMining Reserve XL Paydirt. Not only was it my final review of Goldpalooza but it was the first time I …

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LynchMining 1lb Reserve Paydirt Review #2

lynchmining paydirt review

The Review of LynchMining Reserve Paydirt: The gold keeps flowing as I continue my Goldpalooza month with today’s review of LynchMining Reserve Paydirt. While it wasn’t the huge success of my last review, it was not disappointing in the least. I found a lot of gold and had a great …

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LynchMining 1lb Original Paydirt Review #2

lynchmining paydirt review

The Review of LynchMining Original Paydirt: I had hoped the start of GoldPalooza would start off with a bang with LynchMining Original Paydirt. Sadly, it ended up really just being a bust! While it did have it’s moments of fun, overall I was really disappointed in this paydirt. It was …

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jimbosgold paydirt review 1lb EZ Pan Paydirt Review: Hooray Hooray the sidebar is fixed! After way way too long I finally finished reworking all the old reviews and updating them to the new voting criteria as seen HERE. I also went through all the reviews and made sure all reviews were consistent. …

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I will keep this part short and sweet since second review for the day. This review will be using the new review system as all new reviews will. You can view my video on how all new reviews will be reviewed HERE. Well on to the review and remember to …

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Before I begin today’s review I need to apologize for my camera. It is dying and haven’t had the time or funds to replace yet. Hopefully by my next video review it will be on a new camera. I had had plans to replace it for a while but like …

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jimbosgold paydirt review

So managed to get this review up today as promised! I plan on having a lot more videos in a much more timely fashion. I also plan on having the new and improved finished by the end of the month. I think I am going to do away with …

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