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GoFundMe Gold Panning Paydirt Giveaway


Well as the title states this post is about my GoFundMe Gold Panning Paydirt Giveaway (HERE) and how I am giving away a bag of Gold Panning Paydirt to promote it. So check out the video above or read the post below, but either way if you help it will …

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Septembers GoldPalooza 2.0

September is here which means it is my birthday month and time for GoldPalooza (Trademark Pending, lol)! Which in turn means a ton of reviews for you. This years GoldPalooza¬†again is going to feature LyncMinings paydirt but a lot more of it. Last year I reviewed LynchMinings top four bags …

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Reworked this site for improved SEO

Revamped, reworked and improved SEO So I decided to rework this site to improve it’s SEO ability and make it easier for google searches to find. What that means is I will no longer post my paragraph long rambles on the reviews. Instead if I have something to say or …

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