GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt Review

The Review of GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt: is one of the most requested sellers I get asked to review. It has also been on my own personal top 3 list for some time now. One, okay the main reason I have wanted to review the GoldBay paydirt is the guaranteed ROI. Most sellers who have a guaranteed amount of gold tend to have a 50-7-0% built in ROI. GoldBay starts out around 80% and can get as high as 90% and on some occasions even higher! Those numbers include shipping.

One thing I was worried about with this paydirt is it feeling artificial. I had seen a few reviews where people came off thinking it was too fake of paydirt. Now I won’t get into what makes one sellers salted paydirt less or more artificial than another. I gathered from the other reviews it was based on the fact all of the gold was in one mesh size leaving no real reason to search the smaller finer classified material. Luckily I did not have that problem, I found lots of different sized and shaped gold. I did only find a very few pieces in the -30 but I had very little -30 paydirt.

I ended up really enjoying the paydirt. In fact I think I enjoyed it more then I even expected to. I knew I was going to like the ROI, but it turned out to be a really really fun bag. It was a lot of material and had mostly +20 sized paydirt which is not what most bags tend to be. So it was really fun panning out a lot pf larger material. What was also a lot of fun but challenging was actually finding the gold. A lot of it was a rust or iron stained color, making it much harder to spot. Plus some of it was paper thin and it really wanted to skate over the rocks and out of the pan instead of sinking to the bottom.

GoldBay 3lb Paydirt ended with a score of 9.4 out of 10.

This was a great bag of paydirt! My only complaint is the bag is too plain and needs at least a written label. Now to have that as my only complaint is amazing. The guaranteed ROI built into this paydirt is a winner in my book. This is a seller I would and plan on buying more paydirt from.

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Item Purchased: 3lb bag Paydirt
Total Cost: $69.95
Shipping: $5.95
Total Cost: $75.90
Total Gold Recovered: 1.714 grams
Gold Per Gram: $41.88 per gram
Gold Value: $71.78
Recovery Of Investment: 94.57%
Actual Recovery on Investment: 77.55%

GoldBay 3lb Bag Paydirt Review

ROI (Return On Investment) - 9.5
AROI (Actual Return On Investment) - 7.8
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Value (ROI = AROI + Fun Factor / 3) - 9.1
Overall Experience (Self Explanatory) - 10
Paydirt Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity (Weight as Described?) - 10
Paydirt Packaging (Paydirt Bag Quality) - 8
Customer Service (Self Explanatory) - 10
Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) - 10


Out Of 10

GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Review
GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Review


3lb 7.2 oz GoldBay Paydirt
3lb 7.2 oz GoldBay Paydirt


GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Results
GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Results


GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Dime Pic
GoldBay 3lb Paydirt Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. Wooohooo! GOLDBAY ROCKS! I knew you would love it! Great job Dylan, that’s dedication to your craft, 18 degrees! Now that’s ccoollldddd!
    Love your videos, please keep them coming!

    • I can’t pan when it gets that cold, 30 is my limit, only had to do the review in the 18°! I did love it and really cant wait to review a larger bag now! Thanks for the recommendation, your why I reviewed it for my first review for 2018.

  2. Thanks for another great review! Based on it, I decided to give Gold Bay a second try. Unfortunately, every time I tried logging onto the website something on the entry page caused Internet Explorer to shut down. This was on Jan. 3. I’ll try again tomorrow. Have you heard of anyone else having problems with the Gold Bay website?

    • Hey Wayne!
      No haven’t heard of an issue but I also don’t know anyone still using Explorer, lol. You need to switch to firefox of my favorite Chrome! As to the paydirt, I am so happy I didn’t get a bag like yours. The variation was much better in my bag then what you got. I really liked the gold in this bag, it wasn’t all shiny like most sellers, was very oxidized or brownish. Made for a better challenge.

  3. Wow explorer update to Google chrome and get rid of explorer. Please it’s way hackable from what I understand. On another note come birthday time going to have to try the goldbay out looks promising and used to dirty gold it is tuff ?

    • Yea explorer is horrible, not even a fan of edge. I actually liked the dirty gold, made it more challenging and fun then the usual super shiny stuff.

  4. Oh and I hope doradogold is coming up. Haven’t tried them myself but the boast well on website.

  5. Hey you mentioned cooking up your paydirt. Showing how you do that sped up would be cool. And as most use jet dry, that your go getter juice? It’s mine but a bit expensive.

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