Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Paydirt Review

The Review of eBay seller Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Paydirt:

The first thing that you will notice if you purchase this bag is the hand written notice. This isn’t the typical one sentence thank you. Instead Prospector Bob at Find_The_Line_Prospecting writes a long detailed thank you. It is a welcome change to the usual buy a bag, open a bag, pan a bag routine. Whats even more amazing is it was with a under $10 bag of paydirt so you know the margins are super thin. So a seller sending a long thank you for maybe a $1 profit is amazing.

As to the paydirt itself, it is also amazing! Well my bag was but later on I will tell you how it seems most of these bags are. To start it had very equal parts of classifications from the +10 all the way down to the -30 with maybe a little more on the lower end.

Now most people wouldn’t be classifying down a $10 bag of paydirt so most won’t be panning only the +10 material like I did. I did not for a even one second think I would find gold in the +10, not on even a jackpot $10 bag. My hunches were correct as I found no gold, but it did not lessen the value of this paydirt at all.

Once I got down to the -10/+20 is when things really picked up for me. I found lots of gold and no matter what classification I panned I found even more gold. About 8 pieces in the -10/+20 but that wasn’t the last of the gold I would find. I also found about 30 pieces of gold in the -20/+30. Then I hit the mother load in the -30 paydirt. I found so much small gold I couldn’t even count it all.

In the end this was probably the best under $10 bag of paydirt I have ever bought!

Find_The_Line_Prospecting Paydirt ended with a score of 9.4 out of 10. This is some great paydirt, and what makes it even better is it’s price. Finding low priced paydirt is easy, finding great low priced paydirt is rare and this is that rare gem!.

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Item Purchased: Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Sample Paydirt
Total Cost: $9.99
Shipping: $0.00
Total Cost: $9.99
Total Gold Recovered: 0.242 grams
Gold Per Gram: $41.62 per gram
Gold Value: $10.07
Return on Investment: 100.80%
Actual Return on Investment: 82.66%

Find_The_Line_Prospecting 8oz Paydirt Review

ROI (Return On Investment) - 10
AROI (Actual Return On Investment) - 8.3
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Value (ROI = AROI + Fun Factor / 3) - 9.4
Overall Experience (Self Explanatory) - 10
Paydirt Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity (Weight as Described?) - 10
Paydirt Packaging (Paydirt Bag Quality) - 6
Customer Service (Self Explanatory) - 10
Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) - 10


Out Of 10

Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Review
Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Review


11.6oz Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt
11.6oz Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt


0.242 Grams Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Results
0.242 Grams Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Results


Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Dime Pic
Find_The_Line_Prospecting Sample Paydirt Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. I enjoy watching your reviews. I personally pan in Virginia streams and rivers. But do buy online. Just purchased some lynch. They had a sale going. One thing I am curious about. I hope you are only using the magnet in the panning water. Imho it is best especially out on River.

    • Hey Sean, I actually don’t use a magnet for my panning. I only use it to show how much magnetite is in a product for my viewers.

  2. I always pan the magnetic debris too.

  3. Martin Mastrangelo

    Find the line, is awesome. Not only his pay dirt, but the owner himself, hands down absolute gentleman. I’ve lost my eBay bid by 4 minutes due to bringing my LO(little one) 4 month old into the ER an lost service at the exact time the bidding war was over. I’ve emailed him, telling him I was 240 seconds away from grabbing bag #43 but lost service, long story short he gave me the second chance deal so I can win it. That’s a real nice guy, he didn’t have to do that. That makes him a A+ in my book any day. And his paydirt is fantastic. Just wanted 2 share my story if anyone is thinking about buying his paydirt.100 percent yes. Once again thanks Dylan for giving me this golden flu LoL

  4. Hey I can’t find this seller on eBay can you give addy here in posts? And check out dirthoggs reviews.

  5. Completely agree sent him a message and had a very prompt response. He only sells auction way ATM cause rivers are frozen. Bob is a very nice guy from what I can tell absolutely a gentleman.quite friendly and down to earth. It’s a really nice thing to know some people still have integrity in the product they sell VERY HARD TO FIND NOW A DAYS!

    • I agree Find The Line Bob has some of the top notch paydirt and customer service. I just wish he would bring back the sample bags.

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