Lynch Mining 2017 Black Friday Sale

Lynch Mining 2017 Black Friday Sale

Lynch Mining is one of my favorite sellers so figured might as well promote their Black Friday Sale. With paydirt up to 50% off a new and faster shipping policy you really can’t go wrong.


  1. I’ve been going back and forth on this. There’s a big shipping jump at the 3rd pound.

    I do notice they have Gizmo Supreme XL now.

  2. Bought the nugget bucket yesterday.Hope wife does not kick me out

  3. Just got email that bucket will be here mon tues .Out standing considering black friday. Lynch mining has stepped up on shipping. Dylan will let you know whats inside . Thanks for your reviews

  4. Put entire 1.25 bucket threw 8 mesh and ended up with 9 grams on nuggets /pickers that averaged 1 gram plus apiece. There is a lot in plus 30 but need time to classify

  5. The Black Friday sale is still going on. Though I had to contact them today because I placed an order on 11/30 but yet to see any noticed from Lynch Mining that it has shipped.

    • Just received an update from Lynch. It is as I assumed and they are back logged from the Black Friday Sale. Which I totally understand. I was figuring they weren’t prepared for the amount of Gold Paydirt they were going to sell.

      • I told Rhett he was crazy for trying to start speedier shipping on Black Friday, but does anyone listen to me, lol. At least they are trying.

    • Yea last year they ran it long as well.

  6. Not looking good with rest of dirt maybe 50 % of roi at most . Should have bought 900 dollars of black label

  7. Some times you have to swing for the fence. Sometimes you get a home run other times you strike out. Still will buy lynch mining pay dirt

  8. Dylan, first I want to thank you for making these great videos and making it easier for us newbies to get into this great hobby. Second, Rhett lied to you…lol…!! Bought some Lynch Mining paydirt several month ago and while I liked the amount of gold I found, the shipping time was just so LONG in getting my order out! So when I saw their Black Friday sale and your video, I decided to try them one more time. I ordered one bag of Gizmo’s Paydirt Supremo and one bag of the Reserve Paydirt on November 25th. and I did not receive my order until December 9th…14 days and I live in Texas!!!! If this is their new and improved shipping time, they have a long way to go. Heck, I got Dirt Hogg paydirt from Canada in only 11 days.

    • Hey Johnny! I don’t think Rhett lied to me, I think he really didn’t work out the logistics and how busy they would be. I have seen a lot of orders that got shipped quick, even quicker then the 3-5 days they were quoting. Sadly though, I think they picked the wrong time of year to try a new shipping system and it obviously failed. While some people did get orders fast, a lot including you didn’t. Next time I will just keep my mouth shut, lol.

  9. This time of the year you are better off underselling your delivery time. If you think you can do it in 2-3 days tell them 4-6 days. I use to work in a shipping department and this time of the year there just is really bad delays with the amount of packages shipping. During Cyber week Amazon even changed there 2 days prime to show it would take 3 days. My packaged still arrived in 2 days but I was expecting 3 days.

    I also say this as a person still waiting on an order. Though working many years in customer service I have learned to be a patient man.

  10. Shipping worked for me was fast considering black friday and weight of bucket. Just wish Rhett would answer my email about Nugget bucket.Dylan you are doing a great job!!!

    • Thanks! Yeah Rhett isn’t replying to me either, lol, might be in shipping coma. I saw 2 other reviews on the Nugget Bucket 10.7 grams and 16.5 grams.

  11. I am still hoping my order will ship soon. Ordered on 11/30 and contacted him on December 7. He said it would be shipped out in 2-3 days but still don’t have shipping notices yet and it 12/13 now. They must have sold a ton of Paydirt. I am still new to this but I didn’t realize how many people buy Paydirt.

    • I talked to Rhett and he said they were 10x busier this year then last, and last year they got swamped. So think all his well planned out shipping went out the window, lol.

    • @Brad I ended up just asking for (and getting) a refund after I ordered 11/22 and they swore up and down it shipped 12/5 but the tracking number never updated, no reason to believe they dropped it off. $300+ order too.

  12. Well maybe 10 plus grams of gold for 900 bucks is what it worked out to . I was a sucker

    • Oh not sure I would call you a sucker, gambler is more like it. Watched a video on youtube of that same bucket and he pulled 16.5 grams out. So with what he paid, and premium on large nuggets he might have made a buck or two. Is always a gamble on the no set amount of gold bags.

  13. Well It seems I’m not the only one. I placed an order on the 3rd, it’s now the 17th and my package has not yet left their facility. I understand they’re busy but if they do not update their handling time to compensate for how busy they are, then they’re providing a false service. If you purchase something it should arrive by the stated date. I placed that order as a present, birthday has now passed and I’m still unaware of when/if it’ll ship.

    • Yeah, the shipping improvement was a huge debacle, and really PEE-ODE me. First time I ever gave a shout out to a company for a huge improvement and bit me in the butt, lol.

  14. I have emailed Lynch Mining a couple times regarding an order I placed back on November 27th. Their most recent response showed that it was scheduled for drop off/pick up for USPS on Dec 14th, to which I expected it to ship the following day with the provided tracking number. It is still showing that the USPS has not received it from them. I have tried resolving this repeatedly, just tried calling their number on FB, which is no longer in service. At this point, unless they can show proof that my order has already shipped (not just a shipping label created) prior to this message being received, I have requested an immediate and full refund for my order #733289 in the amount of $67.80 so that I may purchase my Nephews Christmas presents (pay dirt) from a different supplier with a more reputable customer service and delivery record. If Lynch Mining has any questions please feel free to call me directly on the number I provided in my email to you. Respectfully, Jeff in Oregon, USA.

    Very Disappointed in their poor service and the good review you gave on here regarding Lynch Mining which influenced my decision to become their customer in the first place.

    • Sorry you had suck a bad experience. My last few reviews of them I complained about the slow shipping and only gave them a 6 out of 10 for shipping.

  15. I am not impressed at all. I inquired about shipping time prior to purchasing and was told 3-5 days. So I purchased some pay dirt the following day. It is now the 21st (3 weeks since purchase) and it has yet to be mailed. I have inquired on 3 occasions as to the delay and in each one was told it would go out in the next few days. It has now been 22 days since purchase and it is not in the mail, I requested a full refund… I will update you as to whether that happens. What is really frustrating is that I live in Phoenix… so I am in the same town as their distribution center. This is not what I expected from such a reputable dealer.

    • I agree they definitely dropped the ball this Black Friday. I know they started out good, and had worked on improving the system before the sale. However I guess they didn’t realize how busy they would be, and didn’t take long for them to go back to slow shipping. Shipping has been Lynch Minings Achilles heel for a while now and hopefully they figure out a better way.

  16. Shipping has been horribly slow.

    I received a ruptured bag . Sent pics and let them know recovery. Never heard back.

    Received a bag of reserve paydirt with no gold and the bag was unlabelled. Rhett emailed me to say they photograph all gold into the bags for insurance purposes but I would hear back. OVER a week ago.

    In addition, the vulture and Belmont paydirt I received today looks the exact same. Last time I got vulture or was much more rocky than the Belmont.

    My opinion is something has changed at this provider. Doubt I will ever go back to them. I could not recommend them to another buyer.

    • Ouch, ouch and more ouch! LynchMining is the Dr Jekle, Mr hyde of paydirts. They can be the best at times, and just totally mess up at other times.

  17. Rhett said after a bad review on his site that he would make it right on his web site about the Nugget bucket than wont answer any of my emails on how to make it right.I work for wages and always give a man a honest hours work for there dollar .Expect the same in return. Pissed off

    • So far only heard of a few results from this no guarantee nugget bucket and seems the 10-12 grams is the average. I did see one video of about 16 grams but all the rest have been in the 10-12 range. Which sucks but again was no guarantee, which is why you and others are much braver then me.

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