Jimbos Gold 1lb Extreme Difficulty Paydirt Review

The Review of Jimbos Gold Extreme Difficulty Paydirt:

Scared! That is the first thing that I felt when I originally saw the description of this paydirt. Yet for some bizarre reason I still ordered it. Was I crazy, or just a glutton for punishment? I have no idea, but order it I did. Yet it sat on my shelf for too long, until now.

Now is when I have a “Gold Cube”! So I did what any sane person would do, I added 4lbs more of black sands. This way it would give the Gold Cube a real work out. Plus I would get a good review for both the paydirt as well as the Gold Cube. Sadly I made one huge mistake, I forgot I would have to eventually pan all that material out. So a extremely difficult 1lb bag turned into an impossibly difficult 5lb bag.

However the Gold Cube worked flawelesly, me on the other hand not so well.

You can watch the Gold Cube vs Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt HERE.

This paydirt is exactly what you would expect from a bag called Extreme. It has a ton of fine sands and black sands. It did have a little material over 30 mesh but no gold in that range. As described, all of the gold is under 50 mesh and extremely hard to recover. I had an even harder time due to the addition of 4lbs more of material (why??). So a magnet may be your best friend with this paydirt.

Or a gold catching machine, like the gold cube. This stuff will definitely not only test either your panning skills or your equipment’s ability to catch gold. I plan on buying more of this stuff to test out some other equipment I have.

Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt ended with a score of 9.2 out of 10. This is a normal score for Jimbos, where so far all of his bags have fallen in the 9.0 range. Again as always a really good consistent ROI and high quality bags, and CS make Jimbos Gold a very reliable seller.

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Item Purchased: Jimbos Gold 1lb Extreme Difficulty Paydirt
Total Cost: $54.99 ($7.15 Shipping) $62.14 Total
Gold Per Gram: $41.61 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 1.164 grams
Gold Value: $48.43
Return on Investment: 77.94%
Actual Return on Investment: 63.91%

Jimbos Gold 1lb Extreme Difficulty Paydirt Review

ROI (Return On Investment) - 7.8
AROI (Actual Return On Investment) - 6.4
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Value (ROI = AROI + Fun Factor / 3) - 8.1
Overall Experience (Self Explanatory) - 10
Paydirt Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity (Weight as Described?) - 10
Paydirt Packaging (Paydirt Bag Quality) - 10
Customer Service (Self Explanatory) - 10
Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) - 10


Out Of 10

Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Review
Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Review


Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt
Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt


Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Results
1.164 Grams Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Results


Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Dime Pic
Jimbos Gold Extreme Paydirt Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. Just so you know your reviews imho are very well done. and by just listening to you talk can tell you are honest and wanting to do the best possible reviews. I wanted to say I fully appreciate your time and effort in what you are doing. Recently bought some lunch original and Belmont. The Belmont was fun found 2 pickers in over 10 going to have to pan it again did it to fast may have missed some..The rest was in smaller mesh. Fun paydirt hope you can review it. The original haven’t done yet saved for today. I’m a small timer got a blue bowl and pans classifiers and the such. Like going to rivers such as the rapidan and Rappahannock rivers in spring and summer. With gold fever I tend to buy dirt in winter to cold in the winter lol. Just wanted to drop a line letting you know DAMM GOOD JOB. And keep it up. Should really help alot of new recreational prospectors such as myself. Keep up the good work Dylan.

    Sean Preston
    From Virginia

    • Hey Sean
      Thanks so much for the kind words, they really mean a lot to me. Things like that are why I keep the reviews coming! Also I actually have some Belmont I just got in, but sadly it was a special order and they knew it was for me. So I wont be able to review it like I normally do. However I will be posting some videos about it soon.

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