Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review

The Review of Felix Paydirt Free Sample:

So everyone loves free right, so who could pass up on free paydirt. On a recent visit to the website FelixPaydirt.com I remembered that they offer a free sample of the paydirt they sell.

Get your free sample today and we will rush you out our brochure, along with a free sample of our Gourmet Gold Paydirt – And yes, there’s gold in it! That’s why it’s “the best dirt on earth”!

So off I clicked to get my FREE bag of paydirt, only to be hit with a $2.00 shipping charge. Well I guess free is only free if you don’t include the shipping charge. Anyways I decided $2.00 for a bag of paydirt is still a steal right?

When the paydirt arrived it came in a bright yellow envelope, a very costly looking envelope. It also came with 2 not 1 very colorful and again expensive looking brochures. Both brochures told of the marvels of Felix Paydirt if you just fork over another $100+. I also noticed the bright yellow envelope contained one lone stamp or $0.49 . So where did my other $1.51 go if the paydirt was free? Then I looked at those shiny brochures again and the light bulb went off.

Now I am just having a little fun, we all know nobody gives anything away for free anymore. I still haven’t mentioned the paydirt yet have I?

Well the paydirt was a small amount, 0.14 ounces to be exact. SO I really didn’t expect to find more than 1-2 pieces of color. The dirt itself was dust free, which was good, but it was also black sand free. Which confirmed my thoughts that this “free sample” is a very very manufactured. So I seriously doubt it is a good representation of what you would find if you did spend that $100 on the very pretty brochure paydirt they offered. It’s just a way for them to get you to pay for those brochures and get a few pennies worth of gold in exchange.

It was a fun 1 minute of panning, but now at least I know i am on Felix’s mailing list. Would I recommend it, sure why not, it’s $2 and the brochures are nice looking, lol.

I chose not to score this bag of paydirt because I think it is really just a novelty item. Plus the cost is so low it is not a real bag of paydirt, so no score.

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Item Purchased: Prospector Matt 1lb Oregon Paydirt
Total Cost: 0.00 ($2.00 Shipping) $2.00 Total
Gold Per Gram: $41.80 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 3 small specks
Gold Value: not enough to calculate
Return on Investment: Its free why do you need a ROI?
Actual Return on Investment: Can you really put  a price on FREE?

Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review

Felix Paydirt Free Sample
Felix Paydirt Free Sample


0.14oz Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review
0.14oz Felix Paydirt Free Sample Review


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. I got that at some point and had fun with it. 3 little pieces, let one kid pan it out and then dumped it back into the pan and got the younger one and he was able to get all 3 pieces as well. Definitely worth the $2 for us.

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