FAQ – Where to sell placer GOLD

Where to sell placer GOLD!

One of the great things about mining for gold, whether it’s from real mining or buying paydirt online, is the gold itself. It’s shiny, it looks beautiful and it is worth money! That is where the problem comes in for some people, where to sell your gold? I have decided to compile a list of the Top 5 Places to sell your gold. All of these are gold paydirt sellers so they typically deal with a lot o placer gold. They also have places locally to you I did not list (pawn shops & jewelers), because they typically pay less than 50% of spot. I also didn’t list those “We Buy Gold” websites as they too seldom pay very well. Not to mention Pawn Shops, Jewelers and Scrap Gold buyers will seldom buy raw natural gold, they want rings, earrings and such. Anyways here are my Top 5 Places to sell your placer GOLD.

Most sellers will pay via Paypal so be aware of the fees (2.9% plus $0.50 USD of the amount you receive) and you will have to ship the gold to the buyer regardless which one you use. So those fees will be on top of any fees the buyer may charge.

#1 Gold Hog

GoldHogThis is who I sell my gold to. They pay 85% of the gold spot, they pay this regardless of the golds purity. So they pay the same amount for 18k as 24k. They also charge a set processing fee of $20. They do have a minimum of 8 grams of gold before they will buy it. You will have to fill out a form and submit a picture of your gold. Once approved they will send you a link to follow to fill out a second form to approve your sale. After that you just mail off your paydirt and few days later you get paid via Paypal.

Click the button to the right to sell to GoldHog: Sell Now

#2 eBay

EbayThis one is a little tricky but may well be worth it. You will usually get above SPOT price when you sell on eBay. However it does come with a price, you have to pay the ebay fees of @10%. It also comes with a higher risk factor. Unlike selling to a well established company you are selling to a random person. This buyer can file charge backs, “not as described”, and a multitude of other ways to try to keep the gold and the money. If you are new to selling on eBay I would take extreme caution when selling via this route.

The one good thing about selling on eBay beyond the higher price is you can sell any amount you like. I would make very very sure it has no black sands to avoid trouble.

Click the button to the right to sell on eBay: Sell Now

#3 Klondike Klinkers

Klondike KlinkersI have previously tried to sell to Klondike Klinkers, but when I asked he wasn’t buying at that time, so maybe next time. He said he only buys occasionally so if in a hurry might not be the buyer for you. He does pay good though, paying 85% of spot for all gold under 12 mesh, and 87% spot for anything over 12 mesh. So if you have a lot of chunky gold that extra 2% can add up. Klondike Klinkers doesn’t discount for purity unless it is really low grade gold. They don’t charge a processing fee and payment is made via Paypal.

Click the button to the right to sell to KlondikeKlinkers: Sell Now

#4 Natural Gold Traders

natural gold trader reviewThis site claims they buy gold but they don’t tell you how much they pay. To find out what they pay you need to take a picture of your gold and weigh it and send them the info via email so a price can be agreed upon. They do say is they usually pay better than the competition. They do have a detailed description about how to mail them the gold once a price has been agreed upon.

Click the button to the right to sell to NaturalGoldTraders: Sell Now

#5 Gold Fever Prospecting

gold fever prospecting reviewThis is another site that claims they buy placer gold but you have to mail them for the details. Again they say they pay better than the competition and tell you to shop around 1st, but after that they offer very little in details. They don’t tell you what they pay, how quickly, what methods, how to ship or anything else other than an email address. They have other sellers I would probably try before heading down this road.

Click the button to the right to sell to GoldFeverProspecting: Sell Now

#6 Eureka Gold Sands

Eureka Gold SandsIf you are desperate, insane or just a fool you can always sell your gold here. They only pay 80% of gold spot and they only pay by paydirt. So your gold will be exchanged for paydirt with less gold in it? So in the end you will probably end up only netting about 50-60% of spot prices. Plus they only buy 24k gold, though I would love to see them check every little flake for purity. Anyways like I said if you are desperate and just want more paydirt you can give them a try.

Click the button to the right to sell to EurekaGoldSands: Sell Now


Please be careful when selling your hard earned placer gold, regardless of who the buyer is. Make sure you package securely, add tracking and insure the package for it’s full value.