Mikes Gold Paydirt 3lb Bag Review

The Review of Mikes Gold Paydirt 3lb Bag:

So after my last Mikes Gold Paydirt review I decided to try and go bigger to see if my results would be the same, better or worse. I decided to go with the 3 lb bag this time around to see what I could find. Again before getting too deep into this review I will caution anyone who wants to purchase Mikes Gold Paydirt to only do so on Amazon and not his website. He has had major issues with not shipping out paydirt and has since removed all contact information off of his website which is not a good sign. So I would only suggest this paydirt if ordered off amazon, which is where I bought this bag.

I will point out as well, how good the reviews for Mikes Gold Paydirt 3 lb bag are on amazon. It is currently at 4 stars with a 66% rate fo 5 stars. This is amazing for paydirt, since most people who buy it off amazon are doing so as gifts, and they might not be for people who know how to pan out the gold. I did notice though that the reviews are either really good or really bad, with 2/3rds being good. So it seems the amount of gold in each bag isn’t the same, some seem to have enough to get 5 stars. While other bags seem to be short and warrant 1 or 2 stars.

This is a large amount of paydirt and again it is really dirty stuff. So plan on either changing your water a few times or using a poor off pan to keep your water as clean as possible. Being so dirty it makes it a little challenging to pan out. The good news though is, the Mikes Gold Paydirt has very little in the way of black sands. This makes it much easier for the gold to sink to the bottom of your pan.

Most of the paydirt was in the -30 classification, but most of the gold I found was in the +30 range. This made for a long tedious job of panning out dirty -30 material for very little reward. Much like the 4oz bag I reviewed earlier, I think this is one of those bags where you are probably better off not classifying it down. Instead I would just take a cup full at a time and pan it out.

Overall it was a really fun bag of paydirt, and it really surprised me with how much gold was in it. Even though the -30 material didn’t have much gold, it had enough to keep the fun going. So in the end I had a good time, found a lot of gold and was glad I made the buy.

Mikes Gold Paydirt 4oz bag ended with a score of 9.3 out of 10. A great and really surprising score. I found way more gold then I ever thought I would but not complaining. I would and do plan on trying out more of this sellers amazon paydirt. Only a few minor dings kept this from scoring much higher..

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Item Purchased: Mikes Gold Paydirt 3lb Bag (Amazon)
Total Cost: $39.95 ($0.00 Shipping) $39.95 Total
Gold Per Gram: $40.57 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.976 grams
Gold Value: $39.60
Return on Investment: 99.12%
Actual Return on Investment: 81.28%

Mikes Gold Paydirt 3lb Bag Review

ROI (Return On Investment) - 9.9
AROI (Actual Return On Investment) - 8.1
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Value (ROI = AROI + Fun Factor / 3) - 9.3
Overall Experience (Self Explanatory) - 10
Paydirt Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity (Weight as Described?) - 10
Paydirt Packaging (Paydirt Bag Quality) - 8
Customer Service (Self Explanatory) - 8
Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) - 10


Out Of 10

MikesGoldPaydirt Paydirt Review
MikesGoldPaydirt Paydirt Review


3lb 1.4oz MikesGoldPaydirt Paydirt
3lb 1.4oz MikesGoldPaydirt Paydirt


0.976 Grams MikesGoldPaydirt Results
0.976 Grams MikesGoldPaydirt Results


MikesGoldPaydirt Dime Pic
MikesGoldPaydirt Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. I think you had a copy and paste issue or something, the scale weight doesn’t match the text.
    Total Gold Recovered: 0.073 grams
    Gold Value: $3.00

    That’s cool if the scale weight is right – I got some of that at some point and there was gold in there but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

    • Yea copy/paste error, all fixed now. So far this is my 4th bag of Mikes Gold Paydirt and 1st one with any significant gold, but it was a lot.

  2. Love your website pretty neat.This is my favorite seller of paydirt right here and I like this 3 pound bag the best my last bag had 1.23 grams in it best one yet so far.Also in one bag I got a nugget right at 1 gram biggest I’ve ever got from any bag.Once again love your site lot of work to do what you do.No video on this one I lie your videos?

  3. Got .4 grams out of my 3lb bag and thats was the first run and first time ever panning. Gona go thru it again and hope to find some more. But from the reviews kinda seems like im in the middle of his bags.

    • Better to be in the middle, then at the bottom. That is what I like so much about panning paydirt, it is always different. One day you hot nothing, the next day the mother load!

  4. Dylan – great website. I bought the MikesPayDirt 3 lbs of pay-dirt from Amazon early Feb 2018. I made the mistake of classifying. About 5% of the package was 20+ while the rest was light sand. Found a picker in 10+ and about dozen flakes in the 20+. Nothing in the remaining 2 1/2 lbs of sand. Total gold weight 0.495 grams. Loved finding the larger flakes but disappointed that the sand had very little heavies and no gold. Cheers,

    • Hey Edwin
      Your results are why I added in the “fun factor” to my reviews. Sadly it really isnt much fun when you get those bags where all the gold i in the larger material, leaving you with pounds of dirt with no gold.
      Also sadly this happens more often nowadays due to buyers. A few years back a lot of the added gold was usually finer gold. However when a beginner panner couldnt find this fine gold they left negative feedback. SO now the current trend for sellers is to add larger easy to find gold. Then when you add in not every bag is going to contain naturally occurring gold you get bad bags like you got.

  5. I have a question….I see almost all of lynchs stuff scored relatively high….did they know you were doing reviews? Because if so…that would explain such high scores..I personally have bought from many different sellers…lynch included…and he wasn’t even close to being the best I found…plus with shipping delays.( over a month). Well let’s just say…I won’t buy it again..

    • I do not inform companies they will be reivewed or ever order in my name. Most bags I review are purchased by frineds or family in other states who then reship it to me. As to the results. Most of my really good results form LynchMining came from when they first opened. They were cheaper then, and had a special with free shipping. Even with that the gold was phenominal, but everyone at that time seemed to be getting 90+ % ROIs. Which is not uncommon for any company to give out more and make little to no profit when they firs topen till they grow bigger. The last few reviews I have done of Lynch Have not been as great, but were still fairly good. Good enough that they are stil one of my favorite paydirt sellers.

  6. My recovery was..after panning it all twice was a .45 grams. I also had about plus 2 pounds of 40 mesh and found nothing..everything was in the earlier meshes..kinda disappointed in getting nothing after panning 2 plus pounds..no black sands in it..looked like it came from the beach.

    • Yeah Mikes is very hit or miss. Amazon is probably the worst place to buy paydirt from though as they charge about 25% fees to the seller so that means less gold they can put in the bags.

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