GoFundMe Gold Panning Paydirt Giveaway

Well as the title states this post is about my GoFundMe Gold Panning Paydirt Giveaway (HERE) and how I am giving away a bag of Gold Panning Paydirt to promote it. So check out the video above or read the post below, but either way if you help it will be much appreciated.

As all of you know, or if you don’t, I love panning gold paydirt. It relaxes me, and calms me down in a hectic world. However I don’t just pan my favorite sellers paydirt over and over. Instead I have made it my mission to try every single sellers paydirt to weed out the bad, the good and the great, oh and maybe a few ugly ones as well.

Unfortunately though that means all my extra incomes goes towards paydirt and in a lot of cases bad paydirt. Money that could go towards other things I love to have fun with. I am talking about gold recovery equipment. In this case a Gold Cube, something that has been on my wish list since it came out. So that is where you come in….

I am looking for help towards a Gold Cube with donations from my fans. I have also decided to giveaway a bag of paydirt with this promotion. So anyone who donates at least $1 and leaves a comment on the gofundme page before Oct 15th 2017 will have a chance at winning a bag of Gizmos Supremo Paydirt from LynchMining. For each dollar you donate you name will be entered once in the drawing. One Oct 15th 2017 I will draw one name and they will be the winner. Simple……..Just make sure you leave a comment on the gofundme page with your name so you can be entered.


Here is a current list of prizes in the giveaway:

Bag of LynchMining Gizmos Supremo Paydirt

Current list of all participants and the number of entries they each have:
(Remember for each dollar you donate you get one entry)

Richard Powell (5 Entries)
Tyler Underdahl (5 Entries)
Dylan Laws (10 Entries)
Harvey Matthews (15 Entries)
glenn schischa (5 Entries)
Jonathan Carrasquillo (20 Entries)
Jonathan Carrasquillo (200 Entries)
Doug Wade (5 Entries)
Richard Hutto (5 Entries)
Rob Townsend (5 Entries)
Shaun Kallay (5 Entries)
Dylan Laws (5 Entries)
Geoff Mitchell (10 Entries)
Shane Klesh (10 Entries)
Thomas G (15 Entries)
Justin Mazur (5 Entries)
Kristin Murphy (20 Entries)


  1. Hi Dylan,

    I didn’t see my name for 20 entries, did you miss me?

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