Septembers GoldPalooza 2.0

September is here which means it is my birthday month and time for GoldPalooza (Trademark Pending, lol)! Which in turn means a ton of reviews for you. This years GoldPalooza again is going to feature LyncMinings paydirt but a lot more of it.

Last year I reviewed LynchMinings top four bags of paydirt, Gizmo’s, Gizmo’s Supremo, Reserve and the Black Label. This year my wife really hooked me up and went all out for me. I will be reviewing LynchMinings Original, Gizmo’s, Gizmo’s Supremo, Reserve, Black Label and for the first time the XL paydirt. The last four of those are in the new “Jars” of paydirt they are selling. So super excited to check them out.

I am so excited I hope I finish early because I have a few other bags of paydirt I am chomping at the bit to pan out and review. So I have my pans all ready and a 5 gallon bucket full of water and just waiting till I post this so I can go back out to the gold shed and start panning.

Stay tuned and get ready for the GoldPalooza……..

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