(1lb Bag) (2nd Review)

I was just looking at my videos on YouTube last night trying to think about how to update them all to add ROIs at the end, when I realized how few video I have been putting out lately. So I have ordered more paydirt and will focus on getting out more reviews for you guys and gals. I am going to keep this part short because the actual review is really really long!

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The Review:

I had previously reviewed back in December, and I usually wait at least a year for 2nd reviews. However I made a few (two) mistakes in my review with some misquotes. I did update the review and the video to state those errors but I just wasn’t happy with that. So I decided to order a bag sooner than I normally would for a second review.

Things went down hill from the day I placed my order. First I totally forgot I had even ordered the paydirt, which is stupid. Then when I realized the order was late I emailed Gino, which was my second mistake. I will post all of the emails in their entirety below, nothing was edited or removed. I will also add some short (or not so short) comments about each of those emails between me and Gino the owner of EurekaGoldSands.

Now before you read this (if you dare) let me say I am not mad I never received my paydirt. I know stuff gets lost in the mail, so not worried about that. Though I am not so sure the package was actually lost and not ignored, but no proof to that. What bugs and makes me mad is how Gino claims to be too sick to ship out paydirt but not so sick he can’t take my money. Well anyways here are the emails:

From me to Gino:

So received no reply for 72 hours so sent another email:

Now I got a response from Gino about an hour later so here it is:

Now I know in my video review and future emails I say he never gives me an apology and he sort of does in this email, but it it followed by a “but” which negates the apology. What really got my goat was the absurdity of his excuse. You see Gino runs a Facebook page where he runs raffles to promote his Paydirt and I follow that channel so I get updates on my phone every time he makes a post. So I KNEW in the last 2 weeks while I had been waiting for my paydirt he was running raffle and shipping the winners paydirt. Not to mention all the physical things he was doing in the 2 weeks prior to these emails. I wont get into that though lets just read on, so here was my reply to this email:
Now as you can see Gino was very much out an about during this whole time. In the 2 weeks that elapsed since I placed my order and in that time where he had a heart attack he managed to run 2 raffles and ship out paydirt, go mining, and walk around the Quesnel Gold Show. Yet he could’t hand my package to the postman.
Gino did reply to me yet again:
So shipping out a 1lb package of already packaged paydirt is hard work? Yet walking around a gold show or mining isn’t? I shared the video of Gino at the Qesnel Gold show on my facebook page and you can view it HERE. Well that peeved me off so replied again:
Now as you can see my sarcasm is taking a hold as I am tired of his BS. Well lucky me Gino wasn’t done either so he replied yet again:

So now asking for updates or shipping of my paydirt is unreasonable, ugh! So sent Gino one more email:

At this point it as obvious to me that Gino was probably a goner, and his health had taken such a horrible turn I probably would never see my paydirt. So I stopped emailing Gino and waited until the 14th of May and filed a paypal dispute. In between that time Gino did decide to reply to me:Now again I was done, it was obvious “The Gold King” hadn’t or wasn’t going to ship me my paydirt or apologize for failing to do so. So I let the paypal dispute ride but Gino wasn’t done he sent me this email the day after I won my dispute, because he didn’t actually ship out my paydirt. So here is Gino’s last email to me:Still a bully! I love how he still threatens me with action against my paypal account as well as to report me to the credit bureau, what a joke. He honestly does think he is a “King” and we are all just some peasants he can treat how he wishes.

So those were all of the emails between me and Gino from I will point out also that on my last review Gino vaguely threatened me with a lawsuit….

under threat of lawsuit for his poor quality rigged review many fans came to his page to complain and he retracted it. If I see this form of biased again I will take the same actions I did with Wayne.

Gino said that Wayne from WaynesThisandThat had retracted a review under threat of lawsuit which is untrue as that review is still up. However it was obviously Gino trying to bully my review which failed.

EurekaGoldSands 1lb Regular Mix bag ended with a score of 1.0 out of 10. This is my new time all time low score, and I seriously doubt anyone will get lower. They essentially only got points for answering my emails and having a website. I will never order another bag of paydirt from EurekaGoldSands as the owner is a bully and does not know the first thing about customer service.

Item Purchased: (1lb Regular Mix Bag)
Total Cost: $39.99 ($0.00 Shipping) $39.99 Total
Gold Per Gram: $40.35 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.00 grams
Gold Value: $0.00
Return on Investment: 00.00%
Actual Return on Investment: 00.00% (1lb Regular Mix Bag)

ROI (Return On Investment) - 0
AROI (Actual Return On Investment) - 0
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 0
Value (ROI = AROI + Fun Factor / 3) - 0
Overall Experience (Self Explanatory) - 0
Paydirt Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 5
Paydirt Quantity (Weight as Described?) - 0
Paydirt Packaging (Paydirt Bag Quality) - 0
Customer Service (Self Explanatory) - 5
Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) - 0


Out Of 10


I have no paydirt pictures for this review because I received nothing in the mail.

Lost Mail Facts


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. Hi Dylan,

    Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about trying this paydirt, but, after your experience, I’ll go with the ones I know.

    I just tried Goldbay for the first time and was very pleased. Fast shipping and guaranteed results.

    • Yes they have a lot more sellers who are treat customers right. Goldbay has been on my short list forever, maybe soon….

  2. You should definitely check it out. I was not only impressed by the amount of gold, but just how chunky it was. Super exciting!

  3. Hi Dylan,

    Did Eurekagoldsands ever send you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number? If he did, all of his shipments should be insured and have tracking. He would be able to see that it was never delivered. This is concerning, because you never mentioned any shipping information. (I guess that really is the whole point here right?) LOL
    Anyway, you seem to be a very reasonable guy. He should had made this situation right with you no matter where you left off. Just saying….I have had the best customer service from Mr. B at DIRTHOGG (my favorite) because they have gems and minerals mixed in, and Brian at GOLDNPAYDIRT. My new top for ROI is GOLDBAY. I’m looking forward to finding more reputable paydirt companies. LYNCH has great gold paydirt, but the service is just so-so.
    Customer service is so key to building a good relationship with the customer. I rent apartments for a living and have been told so many times that the prospective resident came back to rent because of me and how I treated them. Not necessarily the product.
    I hope Mr. Eureka gold sands sees this comment and re-thinks his position with you as his customer.
    My husband always says “we do what right, because it’s right”.


    • Nope no tracking number. All he did was tell me it shipped and that was 2 weeks after order. What really bugged me was his excuse about how he couldn’t ship it because it was to much heavy work. Yet he attended a gold show and had a table with piles of his paydirt (same stuff I bought). So he could move that paydirt, but not mine? All I wanted was a reason and a genuine apology. Like I said in my email, if he just forgot to email it then say that and I would have been happy, bummed but it would have ended the conversation. I would have complained order was late, but that’s it. Instead the got horrible review for not mailing it.

      Also I don’t like it when sellers continue to sell stuff when they are unable to ship it for any reason with no prior notice. If you go on amazon sellers are required to tell if order will be delayed, eBay allows same thing. It would have taken him 5 minutes of typing to add a post on his website to tell of delays. Again then I and everyone would have known. Instead he chose to wait until I asked 2 weeks later, and then rant.

  4. Hello Dylan

    I feel your pain. I had the same bad experience with this company. I waited three weeks for my order to ship and then I contacted the company. Guess what no response so I entered into a PayPal dispute . Well that got his attention . He said he was sorry and he was suffering with food poisoning . So I asked him to ship asap but he could not confirm when he would be able to ship. Now on his web site he had pictures of him hunting and he also ran a couple of contests etc. sound familiar. So I figured my business was not important to him and I requested a refund . He complied with the refund and I will not order his product again. He really has a problem shipping product but he does not have a problem selling it. He freely admits he is slow in shipping well this is not a good selling feature of any company. I will say that he appears to have taken on too much and cant handle the volume combine this with his health issues I am not sure how he can continue to do business as other must be having similar issues with his delayed shipping . Perhaps he should state that shipping may be delayed up to a month on his website and then see how many people will order . We are limited to 2 main pay dirt sellers in Canada and Eureka is one of them. I will say this when I have received his product I have not been disappointed . So while his product is good his service is not. Thank you Dylan for sharing this horrible tale .

    • You know I wasn’t even mad about the lack of shipping at first. I had forgot I had even ordered it so how could I be mad about someone forgetting to ship it. However when he apologized with a “BUT” it just irked me. Either say your sorry or don’t. When you say I am sorry “but” then your really not sorry. Especially when your “BUT” is disproved on your facebook page. Oh and then once I showed him his excuse wasn’t valid instead of just admitting it or apologizing again he went into full bully mode which seems to be his way. You either do as he says or he threatens & curses you.

      While a lot of my review score is base don ROI, the reason I do add things like Customer Service and Shipping is just for these circumstances. They have, I mean HAD a lot of good sellers out their until they stopped shipping and became bad sellers.

      • Hello again you want a good laugh . Take a look at this comment on his Pay dirt website .Click on the 5 lb bag and enjoy the read another happy customer.

        Michael Ferreira · University of Virginia
        You got lucky JL. My experience was quite the opposite. I am putting together my review at this time. I was severely abused with profanity, threats, and intimidation. I will be posting only the facts, pictures, and his misrepresentations. Since he called me a scammer for trying to meet him in the middle. His offer was $10 gold or $25 credit towards another purchase of his $208 per pound sand.
        Like · Reply · Jan 30, 2017 11:35am

        Perhaps I should have looked at this before buying . Just like you said he really knows how to treat his customers ! What a joke .

        • He always makes claims of having hundreds of positive review. Yet they are all only on his facebook page, and those are all from people who won a contests. So on his own website has 5 one sentence positive reviews and 1 long bad review. That’s not a great ratio to me.

  5. I give Gino a 10 out-of-10 for the entertainment value on his Facebook review site (that’s not really a review site – but a marketing gimmick for his own products).

    As far as Gino’s Paydirt and customer service goes, I haven’t tried his product yet.

    • I agree he does put on a spectacle and has the facebook raffles down pat. Not a fan of the other stuff, but he does no how to draw in the buyers, like an old snake oil salesman.

  6. Well, Things don’t change over time At EurekaGoldSands. Still Shitty Customer Service and excuses, I made the mistake of ordering from Gino on Jan 15/19. Still no paydirt. I must say he did answer my email quickly, I know a little over two weeks is not a long time but product has still not shipped. His excuse is he is apparently opening up a pawn shop at the end of this month and he has been very busy. Yet he is still playing his games on facebook and shipping his weiners there prize, (this is after my order). The funny thing is I could drive to his little town and back again in a afternoon. I just thought yourself and your followers like to know this. By the way I Love your Reviews keep up the Great work. Cheers.

    • Yeah Gino only seems to take care of his followers on facebook, who praise him non stop. Yet normal 1st time customers get horrible service.

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