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How I Review Gold Paydirt

Below is the table I use when I review paydirt. All are on a 10 point system, even if the ROI is over 100% they get a 10 score.

  Review Criteria   Example of Score
#1 ROI Gold Value / Paydirt Cost
#2 AROI   (Gold Value -18%) / Paydirt Cost
#3 Fun Factor 2 Would rather have dug though cat litter box
    4 If it didn’t have gold would have sucked!
    6 Not good not bad, mmehhh!
    8 Left wanting more!
    10 Man that was fun and relaxing! Hot Damn!
#4 Value   ROI + AROI + Value /3
#5 Overall Experience 2 You really can’t get worse then this!
    4 Welcome to suck town USA!
    6 Pretty good, but could have been way better!
    8 Almost perfect!
    10 Amazing!
#6 Paydirt Description 2 Not one word
    4 They managed a sentence! Woo Hoo
    6 Basic description missing lots of info
    8 Describes most of what you will get
    10 Very Detailed Description
#7 Paydirt Quantity 2 Who stole my dirt?
    4 Is this a joke?
    6 Something is missing
    8 Slightly Short
    10 A little over so your not paying for a bag
#8 Paydirt Packaging 2 No packaging
    4 Cheap Ziploc (2mil or less)
    6 Ziploc Bag (3 mil)
    8 Coffee Bag
    10 Mylar HD Bag (6 mil or better)
#9 Customer Service 2 Wish they wouldn’t have replied
    4 Nonexistent
    6 Slow reply & ignored all questions
    8 Slow reply & didn’t answer all questions
    10 Fast Reply & answered all questions
#10 Shipping 2 Took forever & Rip Off shipping
    4 Long ship time or Expensive Shipping
    6 Week late or added handling charge
    8 A buck too much or 3 days late
    10 Fast and cheap like I like it!


  1. Hello I just went to the GoldenSpearmine.com website and the panning sample bag they have is sold out. I love to pan paydirt bit not to keen on the concentrate bags. I love unsearched paydirt. What paydirt do you like the most?

    • Yeah those Australian sellers don’t stock a lot of paydirt. He does restock frequently so just have to keep checking back. As to an unsearched bag, my favorite used to be Carolina paydirt, but sadly they went out of business. So currently still looking for a new favorite. If you find one let me know!

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