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How I Review Gold Equipment

Below is the table I use when I review paydirt equipment. All are on a 10 point system.

  Review Criteria   Example of Score
#1 Affordability 1 – 10 Is product affordable
#2 Description 2 Not one word
    4 They managed a sentence! Woo Hoo
    6 Basic description missing lots of info
    8 Describes most of what you will get
    10 Very Detailed Description
#3 Craftsmanship 2 Seen better products in preschool
    4 3rd world made and not well
    6 Ok but wont last long
    8 Well made but wont last forever
    10 Great quality and should last
#4 Instructions 2 No instructions have to use google
    4 They tell you to use google
    6 Basics instructions but hard to understand
    8 Good instructions but could be better
    10 Easy to read and follow
#5 Ease of Setup 2 This is impossible
    4 Had to get help
    6 Took a while but managed to get setup
    8 Pretty easy
    10 Super easy
#6 Ease of Use 2 Ugh this thing sucks
    4 Ok got it to work finally, I think
    6 Works but takes a lot of patience
    8 Pretty easy to use
    10 Couldn’t get easier
#7 Functionality (Does it work?) 2 Did less than my cat
    4 Does something just not sure the right thing
    6 So so job but something else would work better
    8 Worked good
    10 Worked perfectly
#8 Practicality (Is it needed?) 2 Who would think this was needed
    4 Should have stayed a silly idea
    6 Ok maybe someone needs this but not many
    8 About time someone made this
    10 Everyone needs one of these
#9 Customer Service 1 – 10  
#10 Shipping (Cost, Speed & Packaging) 2 Took forever & Rip Off shipping
    4 Long ship time or Expensive Shipping
    6 Week late or added handling charge
    8 A buck too much or 3 days late
    10 Fast and cheap like I like it!

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