Alaskan Gold Diggin Partners 5lb Unsearched Bag Gold Paydirt Review (

The Review of Alaskan Gold Diggin Partners Paydirt:

Well surprise surprise surprise, this review is late as “always”. I actually got the paydirt finished and had video and everything done in time, but damned life took over and didn’t have time to post this. Plus what free time I had I was trying to finish up the new look and rating system. The good news is, this review is now live and I now have the new review system all in place. So over the next few weeks, I will be going through all old reviews and updating them to the new system.

Hopefully, the new review system will help fellow panners make a more educated decision on paydirt sellers to buy from and those to avoid. The new system will be based on 10 criteria and each will be rated from 1-10 with all ratings then averaged for a final score from 0.0 to 10.0.

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The Review:


So I received a comment from the seller, and you can read it at the bottom of this page. He essentially asked why I thought I rated him as having bad customer service, and you can read my reply below his post. He then sent me this reply via email.

Lmao you where there when I had dropped off the orders at the post office right. Your an idiot I weigh all my bag and have the post office weigh all the bags to get a total weight. Just bc i printed the lable the night before means nothing. By the way I do not give you permissions to post anything about us on any website period. So I’d definitely remove us from your site or you will be slammed with slander.

So he was a tad upset I guess. SO I replied with this:

You have confirmed everything I said in my review and on my blog. You agreed the bag was not the amount stated on eBay and in my comment section. You agreed it had a smell of diesel in the same comment. The review will stay up. Have a nice day! Dylan

Which got me this reply

Sounds good next email is gonna be from my lawyer. Hope you have a wonderful day. Bc mine looks like it’s gonna get better.

I did not reply to his last email but he still sent me another one later on as follows:

Actually please leave it up I have received 10 orders which have come from your site thanks.

So I have decided that his customer service is even worse than before as instead of still looking into my order and the replacement that was supposed to be sent he called me an idiot and threatened to sue me. As of this date he still has not replied to my eBay message about my missing shipment supposedly shipped on Nov 28th.

I have lowered his customer service score for these emails as well as lowering my overall experince. I also lowered the paydirt quality as he confirmed the paydirt had diesel fuel in it with zero mention of it in the ebay listing.

***End of Update***

Even though I am listing this review on the website AlaskanGoldDigginPartners I actually purchased this bag off their eBay account.  The reason I did this was for the value. On the website they sell a 1lb bag that says

These bags are filled with 1 lbs gold bearing gravel from our mining claim in Alaska in the Cache Creek area. This pay dirt is unprocessed, was classified down to 1/4 inch. It COULD contain pickers, nuggets, fine gold and/or black sand. There is NO guarantee to the kind of gold found in the bag but we GUARANTEE you will find gold.

Yet on eBay the 5lb bag says

These bags are filled with 5 lb gold bearing gravel from the claim in Alaska in the Cache Creek area. This pay dirt is unprocessed, was classified down to 1/2 inch. It COULD contain pickers, nuggets, fine gold and/or black sand. There is NO guarantee to the kind of gold found in the bag but we GUARANTEE you will find gold.

The price for the 1lb bag is $25.99 and the 5lb (eBay) is $25.50 both with free shipping. The only difference between the two was one is classified down to 1/4 and one is 1/2. I guessed that the 5lb bag didn’t contain 4lbs of over 1/4 gravel and I was correct as you can see in the video. So It really baffles me as to why they would be giving more paydirt, they have a higher shipping cost, and pay eBay fees for the better bag? Unless these bags aren’t true unsearched bags. If they truly were unsearched the 5lb bag would always contain more gold then the lb bag. So while I would normally suggest buying the 5lb bag off eBay (link to eBay store is below the review) I can’t with this seller as I will explain below.

I had several serious issues with this paydirt and the seller. First, the bag was light by almost a full pound, which really irritates me when something is sold by “Weight” and is short. They initially claimed that the USPS weighed the box for the shipping label. That was until I showed how the label was printed off eBay after 10pm. After that, the seller did apologize and asked me if I would like the balance of the paydirt shipped to me. I replied that they should do whatever they felt was the right thing to do, as I was curious what they would do. The seller then informed me on Nov 28th they would be shipping me the difference. Well today is Dec 18th and still no paydirt.

What’s even worse is this paydirt was shipped wet. So once dried I am sure the paydirt would have weighed out as less than 4lbs. So not only does this seller short change you on weight, but they add weight by selling wet paydirt.

The customer support from Alaskan Gold Diggin Partners has to be the worst I have ever dealt with. I have sent a total of 4 emails to AlaskanGoldDigginPartners. One to show the weight discrepancy, one to dispute label shipping, and one to tell the seller to do whatever they thought was right. I then sent one email asking about the missing paydirt “they offered” to ship. The seller replied on the 14th they would look into, so 4 days later and guess they are still looking.

My last big complaint with the paydirt from AlaskanGoldDigginPartners is the smell! This stuff reeks of some industrial chemical, maybe a degreaser or something. It is a very strong smell and made my water have a weird gray foam on the top. They also have a review on eBay of a buyer complaining of the same thing so this wasn’t a one-time occurrence.

What is really sad is I recovered a lot of gold out of this bag of paydirt from AlaskanGoldDigginPartners and it could have ended up being ranked really high with me if not for the several easy to fix issues. The paydirt was fairly easy to pan as it had very little black sands.

AlaskanGoldDigginPartners 5lb unsearched Paydirt ended with a 6.3 out of 10 total Score.  While the ROI was great this paydirt had a lot of bad points. The customer service was atrocious and the paydirt arrived wet and underweight. On top of that, the fun factor was really lowered by the strong industrial chemical smell. These things just ruined the score and the overall experience.

Item Purchased: 5 Lb Unsearched Paydirt
Total Cost: $25.50 (Free Shipping) $25.50 Total
Gold Per Gram: $36.60 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.675 grams
Gold Value: $24.71
Return on Investment: 97.01%

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.***

Alaskan Gold Diggin Partners 5lb Unsearched Bag

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 9.7
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 2
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 5
Customer Service & Shipping - 5


Out Of 10 5lb Unsearched Paydirt 5lb Unsearched Paydirt
4lbs 5.2 oz of Paydirt
4lbs 5.2 oz of Paydirt
The Gold Weigh In
The Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!