3 Horses Paydirts 6oz Bag Gold Paydirt Review (3HorsesPaydirt.com)

As usual, this video is a little late, but I guess a little late is better than never. So I decided to be a glutton for punishment and review 3HorsesPaydirt for the 3rd time. I have previously reviewed him twice before but under his eBay account name (WolfJeff). If you remember or don’t, when I 1st reviewed WolfJeff he sent me a rather mean preachy email. It not only pissed me off but made me laugh at the same time. I posted his letter and my reply to him (HERE). I really wanted to try out his $25 bag of paydirt because it really is hard to find a quality low priced bag ($25 or under) for those times when money is tight.

I still have plans on reviewing some equipment this month but realized I didn’t have the paydirt I needed for a proper test. So ordered some today and as soon as it arrives will have a few reviews of some gold recovery equipment. Also the new site design will be up by the 1st of the month at the latest. One of the new sections I am adding is a place to show off when paydirt goes on sale. There is nothing worse then finding out your favorite paydirt was on sale and you missed it.

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The Review:

Back for more, the 1st 3rd review on my website. I am really glad I tried this paydirt because it really is hard to find lower priced bags of paydirt with no stated guarantees. Most paydirt nowadays is usually over $60 which is great and some of my best bags have been in that price range. Sadly though sometimes money is tight and you need a cheaper bag of reliable paydirt. 3HorsesPaydirts feather River bag certainly fits the bill, is low priced and has a decent ROI. It was very clean paydirt with only a little water fouling dirt at the very end with the really fine paydirt, but not very much or anything to obstruct your panning.

One thing I will mention is this stuff was super hard to pan. It was tons of small gold and lots and lots of black sands. So this is a triple bang for your buck, not only is the ROI decent, and the price is cheap but you will spend a long time panning it, so well worth the $25. It didn’t have the ROI of his $95 bag I previously reviewed (now $100) but for a quarter of the price it was a much better deal.

The one bad thing I will say about this paydirt is the description which says it’s 4-6 ounces. That is a huge difference when dealing with such a small bag. If you get a 4oz bag you got 33% less then the person who got 6oz. regardless if it all has the same amount of gold (no idea) it’s the principle. It’s the same as sellers who sell by weight then send wet paydirt. It’s a perceived loss of value. Well anyways other than that small thing I was really happy with this paydirt and really hoping Jeff doesn’t send me another email, lol.

3HorsesPaydirts.com’s  6oz paydirt ended with a Total Score of 8.0 out of 10 which is surprisingly good considering I dinged the seller for his previous tirade emails to me. I gave the paydirt 100% for the Fun Factor since it really was  a difficult bag for being so small. If the seller stops emailing happy customers with angry emails and gets a better quality bag his score would rapidly increase.

Item Purchased: 2 Lb Premium Paydirt
Total Cost: $25.00 (Free Shipping) $25.00 Total
Gold Per Gram: $39.22 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.38 grams
Gold Value: $14.90
Return on Investment: 59.60%

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.***

3 Horses Paydirts 6oz Bag

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 6
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 8
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 8
Customer Service & Shipping - 8


Out Of 10

3HorsesPaydirts.com Paydirt
6oz of Paydirt
The Gold Weigh In
The Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. Read your reviews and decided to give him a try, my goal was to spend enough to get a 1 gram or larger nugget in it so I can have something to show off. Needless to say he gave me some numbers of previous buyers and sizes they got and I decided on spending 300. Well he replied telling me that was more than enough for my requirements. I got 4 lbs and 4 ozs of dirt. As mentioned it was fairly clean and very heavy in black sand, so much so I certainly made great use of my magnets lol. Anyway in result is 6.2 grams total gold. My nugget was 1.73g and surprisingly has a small quartz inclusion! I got 2 other .4g pickers a .3 picker and quite a few between .1 and .2g, including another quartz inclusion! I’m new to this but to my calculations that’s an 81% roi not calculating purity or inclusion markups. Thought my numbers might intrigue you enough to see if you get better roi with more investment like I did. One last thing, I paid and had my dirt 3 days later!

    • Hey Logan
      In my experience, and this is with all sellers, the more you spend the better the ROI. So a $50 bag might average 50% ROI, while that same sellers $250 bag will average 75% and say 90% on a $1500 bag. Which os one reason why I typically try the lower tier bags. If I reviewed a sellers $1500 bag and got 90% ROI than people might assume the $50 bag is as good.

      As to 3Horses, I have never been unhappy with his product just his customer service, which is why I have reviewed him 3 times now. A 60% ROI for a $25 bag is good for me. I do appreciate you letting me know your results, so thanks for that. Oh and thanks for visiting!

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