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WOW! Awesome! Unbelievable! I am so excited today! Not only was today’s gold review a mind churning bag of wow, but I actually got this review up on the 1st. So November is starting off with a bang and hope it continues for the rest of the month. Which will see another gold review on the 15th and at some point this month I am going to be reviewing another piece of gold recovery equipment. Actually, I am going to be reviewing 2 pieces of equipment at the same time. So I am excited about that.

Also this month I am finally going to revamp this blog, with a new design and hopefully 2 new rating systems. I am not sure how it is going to work out but hopefully, will go as planned. So if you come for a visit and things look weird don’t worry, I am just playing with the design. Once the new design/layout is finished I will be adding some new categories like panning tips, and gold news. I will also be adding videos from other sources besides myself because they have a ton of great youtube videos that any gold panner should watch.

I also need to apologize for this video, as it is way too long and I go off on so many tangents it even drove me crazy when I watched it. I was just so excited with what I was finding I couldn’t think right. So sorry for the super long video and my ramblings.

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The Review:

So I owe a huge apology, as I seriously thought they were a gimmick based on a hugely popular tv show. Man was I wrong and now I have egg on my face for being a doubter. I am now a full blown convert and believer in and it’s paydirt. I have never gone into a bag of paydirt expecting such low results and then to end with such amazing results. This is by far the most surprising results I have ever had after panning off some paydirt. I have had over 100% a few times but to get almost 100% from a bag of paydirt you expect nothing out of is really amazing.

Also in the video I state the 2lb bag is no longer for sale with out the monthly club membership, but it is. On my phone it showed out of stock while shooting the video but once I finished and went online via computer it showed in stock.

The paydirt looks dirty but really didn’t muck up my water as bad as I expected. It was hugely fun until I got to the under 30 stuff but even the low amount of gold in the under 30 couldn’t ruin my happiness from all the gold I found in the over 30 paydirt. So it was pretty easy to pan, but it is a little too dirty for what I would call easy or beginners.

I listed the ROI for this paydirt with and without the 15% discount I received for joining the mailing club. I have never seen the site with out this discount available so I am going to go by the higher ROI since I did and most buyers will get the discount.’s  2lb Premium Bag ended with an unbelievable score of 9.4 out of 10. I am still floored with this score after viewing so many negative reviews about this paydirt. While my results might be the exception I still had fun and recovered a lot of gold. I did give this bag an 8 for the bag even though it is a ziploc bag it comes double bagged in the old timey bag.

Item Purchased: 2 Lb Premium Paydirt
Total Cost: $39.95 / $33.96 with discount ($5.00 Shipping) $44.95 Total / $38.96 with discount
Gold Per Gram: $41.44 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.92 grams
Gold Value: $38.12
Return On Investment: 84.81% / 97.84% with discount

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.***

Paydirt Gold 2lb Bag

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 9.8
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 8
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 9
Customer Service & Shipping - 10


Out Of 10 Paydirt
2lb 0.6oz of Paydirt
The Gold Weigh In
The Dime Pic
The 0.52 g Nugget
The 0.52 g Nugget


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. I bought one of the small bags at Scheels and I got skunked. nothing. However my friend also got one and said they got 4 pieces. Yes I am experienced for several years.

    • Like I said in my video, this was a paydirt I really had never heard anything “Great” about. In fact almost all reviews I read, other than ones on the companies website were just awful. That is why I got so so crazy happy when I realized my ROI was going to be so good. That t me is the real fun in paydirt though the super rare great bags, the ones you never expect to be good but are.

      • Yeah, same for me as it was for John Brownell. I bought a 2 pounder, and got about .5 grams, which was okay, but of course, wanting to see what else they had, I decided to get a 10 pound bag. In that ten-pound bag I got about the same. .5 grams, in 10 pounds of paydirt. And yes, I triple checked it. Guess I just got unlucky.

        • Sadly most reviews for this paydirt tend to be on the sad side. Which is why I was so elated to find so much gold. When your expectations are so low it makes it so much sweeter when you hit the jackpot. So even though this bag ended up in my top ten I will probably wait a while to try them again.

  2. I ordered the 2lb bag from pay pretty sure name is has “Discovery” and “Gold Rush” (tv series) all over site. Anyway bought my husband a 2 lb bag if “premium” pay dirt and a 1lb kit for Christmas this year. Of course that night he had to check it out…. found total of .5 grams of gold flakes total. Not sure how much that’s actually worth though. I think it’s more just as a fun thing. The 2lb bag was all sand. The 1lb bag had Small pebbles in it and sand was coarser.

  3. Hey Dylan…Kudos on another well-done review.

    Folks…if you truly wish to support the real “GOLD RUSH” program on the Discovery channel, then simply pay your cable bill. I honestly believe that this is not a reputable company by the fact that they advertise falsely.

    I ordered the Elite Dirt of the month ( 10 lbs for $255) and never received a commemorative display box or a description of the dirt I received. When I replied to them, they did immediately respond with another common theme I am seeing on many other reviews on their site…”Our warehouse made a shipping mistake”

    It has been over three weeks now and still nothing, and… no more responses to my many emails.

    Please do not let the advertisement confuse you on the “Dirt of the Month Club”…the price is for EACH month and the ROI is not worth it.
    If you want just the fun of panning with a decent ROI, at a reasonable price… then order from reputable companies like Lynch Mining of Carolina Paydirt….I am fully convinced this company has nothing to do with the GOLD-RUSH television program.

    I say this because I also ordered at the same time, the Parkers Fantasyland bundle, just for comparison…guess what, after the classification of both DIFFERENT? Paydirts…I found them to be identical in material composition…almost as if the “Warehouse in Sylmar California”, scooped up some driveway dirt and seeded it with a very small amount of gold, and then packaged it, with varying descriptions and/or labels.

    I am fully convinced that there is no real “Dirt of the Month Club” that offers a sample from many different mining operations from many different locations on the planet.

    I too enjoy the scripted antics of all the GOLD-RUSH cast, but I do not recommend you spend any money at this site if you believe you are getting the real deal.

    The odd part is that the dirt was almost identical to the dirt I received from Miner Mikes Paydirt…located in roughly the same area of California!

    • Hey Sammy
      This one is hard for me but I totally agree with you. On one hand I loved the paydirt I received and had a wonderful fun time with it and got a great ROI. However if you saw my video you can see how stunned I was that I got that ROI and that it was fun. I have followed the show since the beginning and the paydirt since the site opened. By the time I went to order some after a year or so the reviews were so bad that I decided to go elsewhere and just never wanted to buy any. It was just by chance I got this bag and was so surprised with my results it left me stunned.

      So even though I got a decent bag, the vast majority of people don’t, so I would not recommend this seller.

      • Hey Dylan,
        I totally agree the level of fun with this dirt was high, and the ten lbs bag did give up a fair 3.20 grams of pretty gold however the six lbs sack only boasted almost half a gram (.48)

        My main gripe was the fact that all the other reviews on the site (which I believe you can only view if you subscribe) complain mainly that their order was incomplete or still missing. Examples were that customers ordered a two lbs sack and only got a one lbs sack.

        My order was missing the commemorative box and more important I thought, was the card that described in detail the months special cut.

        Nothing like that was sent, even after the email promise of it being expedited that afternoon.

        The clever burlap sack denoting the weight, and monogrammed vials are nice, but do not describe where the dirt originated. I will admit that the dirt of the Month club vial did have a peel off stick that said “Indian River”

        That’s all.

        Did I get any gold?

        Yes…the ten lbs. sack was pleasantly seeded with 3.20 grams and virtually no black sands or magnetics, while the six lbs “Fantasy Land Cut” only produced almost a half a gram.
        The materials from both bags, were virtually identical, which lead me to believe the two cuts were not from different mining areas.

        I could be wrong, but it does not seem feasible to mail heavy paydirt from different Alaska locations to California, only to be re-shipped out.

        The classification had the exact same ratio of rocks, stones and pebbles to sands, and after washing…looked like they originated from the same cut. The gold was also fairly identical in shape and size.

        Again, the ROI on the 10 lbs bag was ok, but because of the hype attached to it, I feel a person could do better with just as much fun with another company that sells ten lbs bags for half the price.

        The ROI on the “Parkers Fantasy Land Cut” was low, however one must also consider the “extras” included for the price, which was two 12.5″ pans, two snuffer bottles, and two sets of tweezers…and of course the burlap sack with six lbs of dirt that bled a mere .48 grams. I am glad you did get a nice sack and I enjoyed your video, but I too would not put this vendor on my” best-of- the-best” list.

        • Again totally agree. Oh and Fantasy Land is in Canada. Still same thing though and would cost a fortune to ship it then reship. I highly doubt any of the dirt comes from either Alaska or Canada. The gold might but definitely not the dirt.

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