Tips & Tricks – Dirty Paydirt Pour Off Pan

A quick video on how I deal with very dirty paydirt while panning at home.

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  1. I’m just looking into starting the hobby, ordered a beginners panning kit off ebay the other day to get started. And found your site and am enjoying the reviews. I have not heard in a video yet why you wear the black gloves, and just wanted to ask. Just wondering, thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us.

    • Glad you found the site and the reviews. Good luck and happy panning!
      As to the gloves, I wear them because I suffer from Psoriasis, and have it pretty bad on my hands. So they crack and split fairly bad. I also take medicines that lower my immune system and make me susceptible to skin infections. So sticking my cracked up hands in foreign dirt filled water is risky. I try to cut down the risk of infection by wearing the gloves.

  2. Paul V. O'Connor

    I am hooked on miller prospecting, I just binged the whole weekend watching your videos. I would like to know where to get those black cups for your scale? I am a new to panning at home, but very excited. Thanks for all your work.

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