(1/4lb Yuba River)

This is the beginning of a ton of Gold Paydirt reviews coming to my little blog. Not only do I have this review today, but have another one coming tomorrow. Then In September I plan on having 4 or 5 reviews minimum. I have a stockpile of some paydirt and I need to start reviewing it. Plus I will be adding in a few more equipment reviews over the next couple of months.

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The Review:

Well today I am reviewing a 1/4 lb bag of paydirt I got from I actually got this off his amazon store but I will be linking to his direct store below. This was a great and “FUN” bag of paydirt and ended with a great ROI considering the price. The Paydirt was pretty easy to pan, and was very very clean which is always a plus, so no dirty water. All of the black sands were magnetized which is what made it so easy to pan.

The goldnuggetminer yuba river paydirt is great for novices to panning or when you just want a nice easy bag for fun. Plus the owner Matt took a lot of time out of his day to answer all of my questions and I love good customer service.

In the end the Pay Dirt ended with a 8.9 out of 10. This definitely a great value for a bag of paydirt that only cost $10.95 (1/2 star per 10% ROI). While the ROI isn’t the highest it is way above what is usually found in low priced bags of paydirt.

Item Purchased: Yuba River Paydirt (1/4lb bag)
Total Cost: $10.95 (+Free Shipping)
Gold Per Gram: $42.95 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.15 grams
Gold Value: $6.44
Return On Investment: 58.81%

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.*** (1/4lb Yuba River)

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 5.9
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 8.5
Customer Service & Shipping - 10


Out Of 10 PayDirt
Yuba River 1/4lb
The Gold Weigh In
The Gold Weigh In
The Dime Pic
The Dime Pic


This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller. Oh and good luck and happy panning!


  1. thank you for the reviews. I was looking for some pay dirt because I wanted to become more familiar with identifying gold and practice panning since I am new to gold prospecting. I did not know what to expect and it is not easy to justify buying a bag of dirt to the wife. so at this price for the 1/4 yuba river this worked out great. I watched your review and thought why not? my experience pretty much echoed your review, keep up the fun and informative reviews.

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