TurboPan Review

Ok been on an equipment kick lately but don’t fret more gold reviews are coming. In fact a ton of gold reviews are coming. I will be going from one review a month to 3-4 reviews per month for next couple of months. Also Labor day weekend me and the kids will be churning through some paydirt so that will be a busy weekend for reviews. So stay tuned, but for now here is my review of the TurboPan……….

The Review:

I love gold pans! I collect vintage pans, cheap pans and just about any pan I can get my hands on. Why? Well since I can no longer go out to mine for gold I have become an at home panner, so I love pans. When I first saw the TurboPan I wanted one but couldn’t justify getting one since it churns through dirt and most paydirt doesn’t come in 20lb bags. The TurboPan is made to pan through lots of paydirt fast, and it works!

Well anyway finally found the time to buy one and try it out. It does take some time to get used to, but just like panning it is something you practice at to get better. I tried it out with 3lbs of paydirt I put 5 small flakes of gold in and in about 2 minutes I had washed all the paydirt down to about 4oz of dirt and my 5 flakes. You can check it out for yourself in the video below.

I probably wouldn’t use the TurboPan for finishing gold but to plow through a large amount of gold I would use it in a heartbeat. I wish I had one when I was in California and was just pan prospecting. This is definitely a pan to use in those states that they are cracking down on small time gold miners. This would be a great way to move a lot of dirt quickly to test for gold before setting up a dredge or high banker.

While they do have a few places you can pick up a TurboPan I got mine off Amazon from Arizona Prospecting Supply (see store link below). I got the TurboPan kit because I needed a new magnet anyways and for $10 was worth it for the extras they throw in. I will probably pick up a 10″ TurboPan as well soon, since the 16″ is a little too large for indoor use and would love to be able to use it for my at home panning.

The TurboPan ended with a 8.8 total Score. I only dinged it very slightly for cost as I think it should be a little cheaper. I also took away a little for ease of use and instructions because this item does have a learning curve, but it does work. I think after 3-4 uses will become more natural. Still a great product and very happy to have one in my pan collection.
***This score has been modified since its original publication to fit in with my new formula***

TurboPan Review

Value (Was it worth the Cost?) - 8
Instructions (How to Use?) - 8
Functionality (Does it Work?) - 8
Craftsmanship (Build Quality?) - 10
Customer Service & Shipping - 10


Out Of 10

The TurboPan


  1. Well I finally found a way to leave you a note……. I tried from the YouTube sites but it wouldn’t work ! Just wanted to thank you for all the videos and if I missed any , I DON’T KNOW HOW ?. You do a lot of people , a fantastic public service with what you do……You are passing on the great hobby of prospecting to the next generation …….and you also provide a service to people that are physically challenged or just can’t get out and do their own prospecting.Thats
    Better then helping people like me …..get a good price on a bag of paydirt . I try a few bags after I have been through my own cons and can’t wait for the weather to start getting warmer so I can get back out there and get more of my own. So far…….When l have done a product you have REVIEWED , l haven’t been disappointed ! ! ! Keep up the great work , you’re worth more than you know to this hobby. Have a good week…… Richard

    • Thank you, and I mean that. I really do this to keep people from buying from those horrible sellers who are just trying to take advantage of people. If my 1st bag of paydirt would have been from one of the sellers with a less then 20% return I would never have bought more or fell in love with panning. They have a ton of great sellers with some great paydirt and would prefer if people knew about them as opposed to those crappy ones.

  2. Nice review, I’ve been wondering about these pans. very accessible to someone fairly new at panning and prospecting.
    Speaking of odd pans, Garrett has a new “Gold Trap” asymmetrical pan that looks awful interesting. What’re your thoughts on that pan?
    I wish my local prospecting store would carry the Garrett pans.

    • The large turbopan is awesome! However it really is too large for an at home panner, but would 100% recommend for outdoor panning. The small turbopan is just a little too small for both, though it does work great. I wish they would make an in between size.

      As to the new Garrett offset pan, I personally think it would tak ea long time to get used to the pan being offset. I havn’t used one yet though but it is on my wish list.

  3. I have a Turbopan (as well as a Garrett Super Sluice). I don’t have a preference between the two. But I have heard a number of reports of people having their pans snap from loads being in their pan. You make the comment they’re solid, perhaps a bit too solid… to where they don’t flex much.
    I have even seen on a FB Turbopan page, the company in Aussi, had replaced a number of pans which had snapped. Noting these were Aussi’s who had their pans snap, not someone like us in North America (easier shipping).

    • I think the flaw with the TurboPan is it’s sides are so short. This removes some of the strength to it when bending. A typical pan like the super sluice gain a lot more rigidity due to the sides. Its a lot easier to break a plate in half than a bowl.

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