Vial Vault Review


The sellers website has closed, and seems most sellers have stopped carrying this product.

The GOOD news is the “Vial Vault” was nothing more than a AA battery case you can buy on amazon, with 4 vials added to it. Oh and some stickers and such as well but most people just wanted the case.

I have updated this review to now have a link to the amazon seller who sells the “Original” vault that you can add your own vials too for much cheaper as they sell for about $8 for four vaults.


The Review:

This is one of those things that once you pick up you say

Why did it take so long for someone to invent this?

Well I asked myself the exact same thing, but thankfully someone did. I have personally broken a few vials and my kids have probably broken two dozen of them. So I was so happy when I first saw one of these I had to buy one. They are very well made and the vials fit very snugly so even if open they don’t just tumble out. The only thing I didn’t like was the color which isn’t very bright, its a more muted color, at least on the red one. Other then that I love my vial vault and currently waiting on a dozen of them so I can have a few as well as each of my kids.

GoldGittinGadgets Vial Vault ended with a score of 8.2 out of 10. While I absolutely love the idea, it is really just a battery case with vials added to it. So I gave them a 1 for price since you can buy the AA Vaults for about $1-2 each. Also since the sellers website is now closed I have lowered his customer service to a 1 as well since you will have to hunt him down if you have a problem or want to contact the seller for anything. I have left all the other review criteria at 10’s because the case does work to protect your vials. You can just get them a LOT cheaper on amazon.

Vial Vault Review

Value (Was it worth the Cost?) - 2.5
Instructions (How to Use?) - 10
Functionality (Does it Work?) - 10
Craftsmanship (Build Quality?) - 10
Customer Service & Shipping - 1


Out Of 10

Vial Vault
Vial Vault


  1. I did not claim to invent the product. I am just the gizmotologist that is innovative enough to figure out this safe way to keep your glass vials and gold protected. As for your claim that “customer support is nothing but a lie” I have never received any request for customer support ever. My site hoster jammed me up on my web site but the claim ticket included with the product also has my address on it. You could have sent me a letter. Granted that may be a bit old school but so am I. I just started rebuilding my new website this morning so customer support will be easier to git soon. Thank you for the awesome video review you did on Youtube I just saw it for the first time last night.
    Au git some

    • By stating “Patent Pending” you are inferring you invented something, but you cant patent someone else’s patented item. I can’t take a box of post-it notes and re-brand them as window coverings and get a patent.

      I do admit it was a smart re-purposing of an item but also very shady. When you re-open let me know and will look into doing a new review on the item. I have removed the part about customer support, since not currently selling nobody should need to contact you.

  2. It was the combination I was patenting not the case alone (which was not patented) as innovations are as patentable as inventions. And repurposing a battery case to keep vials in is no shader than repurposing restaurant catsup bottle for a snuffer.

    • Dylan P Miller

      I have updated the review so it reflects more on how good of a product the AA case is. If I reviewed a catsup bottle being sold as a snuffer I would say it was shady as well.

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