Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Review

Well, I feel stupid today, or at least this morning. I had promised to have new video up of this product review on the 10th and even worked all night to ensure this post and the video were live before midnight on the 10th. Then after really busy two days I see I messed up and never clicked the video to be live. Then to make matters worse after enabling video I realized I hadn’t taken this post out of draft but messed up my site and got locked out. Everything is all fixed up now though, but I won’t have time to post a new review on the 15th. So the next review won’t be until the 1st. The good news is with no further ado the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Review………

The Review:

When I first saw the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket on SharkTank I was very skeptical but like any gold panner I wanted one. However, since I seldom get out to the streams it was low on my priority list. Then a few weeks back I saw the “Beyond the Tank” that revisited the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket and the fire returned so asked (begged) the wife and ordered one. It arrived within a few days and was packed well so no complaints on shipping or packaging.

Now when the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket first arrived I was astonished at how solidly built it is. The problem with plastic is it does not photograph well, so plastic tends to look cheap. This is not the case with this item, it is very very well made and should last a very long time. All of the parts fit very tightly together and are well made. I couldn’t find anything to complain about with the construction. Now as everyone always asks, DOES IT WORK………

YES it does, in fact it worked much better than I could have even imagined. I ran a gallon of pay dirt tat I had previously panned from GoldHog (You can read the review for it HERE). I panned this stuff 2 times and recovered 0.44 grams of gold. The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket managed to recover 0.42 grams of gold out of the exact same pay dirt (gold re-added). That is just unbelievable and I am 100% positive if I had rerun the dirt I would have captured the other 0.02 grams of gold.

I won’t try to give instruction on how it works but please watch the video below.

In conclusion I was very impressed with the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket and can’t wait to use it again. I need to build a better recovery system and a recirculating pump so I can more efficiently use this for purchased pay dirt.

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ended with a 8.8 total Score. I think as do a lot of people who review this item, that it is overpriced. This item would probably sell a lot more if it was around the $89.99 mark but that extra $20 makes it a little too steep. Also, it is really hard to sue one handed which takes away from its ease of use. I plan on fixing that with a Modified Nugget Bucket 2.0.
***This score has been modified since its original publication to fit in with my new formula***

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Review

Value (Was it worth the Cost?) - 6
Instructions (How to Use?) - 10
Functionality (Does it Work?) - 8
Craftsmanship (Build Quality?) - 10
Customer Service & Shipping - 10


Out Of 10

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket
The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

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