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Well the new review is LIVE if not a few days late. The 4th of July weekend made things rough on getting out video on time, but hope everyone had a Great 4th! We had a ton of rain which also made it tough to find time to shoot video. Well anyway got it done and is now live. The good news is I have another video review coming in 5 days (woo hoo). It will be an equipment review, but one I have been dying to try and review. I will also have another equipment review on the 15th so 3 videos in next 10 days.

In the future I plan on putting a gold review up every month on the 1st and either an equipment review or maybe a small (cheap) bag of pay dirt up on each 15th of the month. Also over the next few months, I am going to update all my old reviews to find out which sellers have closed shop and move those into a different category or placement on the site. No real reason to have people read reviews on sellers who have gone under. Also I am still working on how I want the videos to be shot in the future and still playing with options. I want to show as much info as I can but don’t want you to have to watch hours of me panning. Hopefully will have it all figured out soon though. Well on to the review and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE so as to not miss any of my reviews.

The Review:

Today’s review is of one of my favorite gold sellers, GoldHog and there new website I was extremely saddened to see the demise of the MysteryCons since it was my #1 ROI but also was super excited to try out a new bag of pay dirt from GoldHog. As usual, Doc tells you to watch his video to tell you what to expect and what kind of pay dirt you will be panning, the video is informative and well worth the watch.

I do have 2 slight problems with GoldHog’s new pay dirt “RawPayDirt” and that is, it’s claim to be “RAW” or unsearched, yet they are mixing in concentrates which are “searched” pay dirt. The RawPayDirt website says things like:

100% untouched and unworked

yet they mix in concentrates which have been worked, and Doc even states he adds gemstones to the bags to make sure every bag has one large stone. Now I know this is a silly problem and really doesn’t take away from the pay dirt, is just something I noticed. my other problem with the “RawPayDirt” pay dirt was the shipping. The shipping is $12 and half of the box is empty. That really bugs me, and think it should be fixed. The bag of pay dirt could fit into a Priority Mail Tyrex Bubble mailer and would only cost $6 as opposed to a half empty box at $12. Then again they do tell you to buy 2 bags to make shipping cost-effective. So again is just me nit picking.

Now as to the Pay Dirt, it is very nasty stuff just as stated on the GoldHog website. It is muddy and will turn your water into chocolate soup in seconds. It was a pain screening as it kept clogging the screens. However once it was all separated by size I found it to be manageable to pan. I found it a lot easier than the MysteryCons but still challenging. Out of the Gallon (4lbs) of pay dirt I ended with about 2 tbs worth of black sand which was not magnetic but fairly easy to pan. As to the ROI it was fairly low, actually it was very low as far as ROI is considered, but high based on averages of the website where .25 grams is average per bag. I probably won’t be coming back for this pay dirt with such a low gold count. It is a great one timer, but not something I would come back for over and over.

GoldHog’s Raw Paydirt ended with a 7.3 out of 10 score. With a low ROI, dirty paydirt, and high shipping, it was just too much to get a high score out of this paydirt. It is a shame as I loved the old Mystery Cons Gold Hog used to sell so really was looking for something like that, but sadly just didn’t pan out.

Item Purchased: RawPayDirt (1 Gallon bag)
Total Cost: $39.00 ($12 Shipping) $51.00 Total
Gold Per Gram: $40.99 per gram
Total Gold Recovered: 0.44 grams
Gold Value: $18.04
Return On Investment: 35.37%

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.***

Gold Hog Raw Paydirt Bag Gold Paydirt Review

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 3.5
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 6
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 10
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 8
Customer Service & Shipping - 9


Out Of 10

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***Disclaimer*** This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So Please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller.