Alabama Gold Camp

Well my wonderful wife has finally agreed to let us go to The Alabama Gold Camp in Alabama of course. This took a ton of begging and pleading but she finally agreed. It took a lot of convincing since when were going its her birthday and sitting in a river panning for gold wasn’t the 1st thing on her bday list.

So August 1st me, the wife, and 3 kids will be driving 6 hours to try out the famous Alabama Gold Camp. Sadly for a camp that has been around for so long, they have very few reviews on it and they are a mixed bag. Some had horrible times while others made out like bandits. I am hoping for something in between. So right when I get back I will make a lengthy review of the site.

I will say this trip took a ton of planning because of the Camps location. They only have one motel in all of Lineview which is the closest town to the Gold Camp. Of course they don’t do online reservations and the two times I called nobody answered. The Alabama Gold Camp does offer cabins, but when I showed the pics to my wife it almost killed the whole deal, lol. They are essentially just plywood shacks with beds thrown in. After a ton of looking though we found that the Cheaha State park had some awesome cabins to rent and its only 20 minutes from the Alabama Gold Camp.

So have car rental rented, and cabin reserved so now we are just planning the activities for our trip. We will be at the camp for 3 days but promised the wife one of those days could be used for something other then gold hunting. Trying to make sure everyone has something to do each day will be a beast, so we will probably be renting a dredge or at least a High banker.

Well check back August 7th for the review, I plan on takign lots of pics, maybe a video or two, but definitely plan on giving this site a review.



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