Dirt Hogg 1lb Bag Gold Paydirt Review (DirtHoggPaydirt.com)

Not sure what’s been going on but the weather here in Louisiana sure has been bad. It has been raining pretty much for 2 months straight now. The days it doesn’t rain it’s so overcast that gold panning just won’t work. So sadly my paydirt is piling up and my reviews are slowing down.  I tried the inside panning but the wife nixed that idea pretty quick. Hopefully tomorrow I can get another review in for you guys.

The Review:

Okay again Dirt Hogg stuff is very chunky, now this 1lb bag wasn’t as chunky but still about half is rocks. After sifting down found one small picker all the rest was fine gold and flakes.  This stuff is very heavy in very fine gold again, so this stuff definitely tries your patience. I had to take a few breaks getting this all done as eyes started to cross. Also wanted to mention this is NOT seeded paydirt. While the other larger bags they sell are seeded I decided to take a gamble on the smallest unseeded bag, and boy am I glad I did. I pulled almost a full gram of gold out of a $30 bag which ended up giving me a NEW CHAMPION at a ROI of 127.59%. So will buying more of this as soon as I can.

The DirtHogg 1lb Paydirt ended with an amazing 9.4 out of 10! I am so impressed with this paydirt and if it wasn’t for a vague description and damned coffee bags this would have been a perfect score. Everything else about this paydirt was on spot and would definitely buy again.

Item Purchased: 1-Pound Bag (DirtHogg Special)
Total Cost: $30.00
Gold Per Gram: $40.29 per gram (At time of Purchase)
Total Gold Recovered:0.95 grams
Gold Value: 38.27
Return on Investment: 127.57%

***My review formulas change so older reviews may not match with newer reviews. Some older reviews have been modified to fit in with new formulas.***

Dirt Hogg 1lb Bag Gold Paydirt Review

ROI (Recovery Of Investment) - 10
Fun Factor (How Fun was Paydirt?) - 10
Description (Vague or Detailed?) - 8
Paydirt Quantity & Packaging - 9
Customer Service & Shipping - 10


Out Of 10

Dirthogg 1lb Paydirt
DirtHogg 1lb Paydirt
A little over 1lb
A little over 1lb
All Weighed Up
All Weighed Up
The Dime Pic
The Dime Pic

***Disclaimer*** This review is my opinion and my results may vary from your results. My bag may have been a bad batch or a great batch, remember no two bags of paydirt are ever the same. So Please use common sense when buying paydirt from any seller.


  1. Just wanted to let you know the one lb bag is also seeded they take 100 bags and 50 get one gram 30 get 1/2 gram and 20 get .35 grams this is what they told me when I ordered mine from them

    • Interesting, while I don’t doubt they may have told you that I also find it hard to believe. At current market prices that would mean they are seeding 100 bags with $2740 worth of gold to sell for $2900. That would mean they make $160 on 100 bags of 1lb paydirt, minus labor, supplies etc. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Nice site you have here. I was gonna do something like what you are doing just to check quality.
        However, not enough time. I hate thinking about the seeded stuff, but thought maybe a better deal is to get dirt from guys up in Alaska, who would rather get can instead of go through hassle of getting it graded and selling otherwise, especially if they are in more remote areas. Whats a gram really worth to them, it doesn’t spend like cash does, unless they are trading with it.

  2. Dirthogg is one of the few good ones out there. And btw, I would love to sell dirt at 10 to 16 bucks a lb. or even a 10 to 25% take per gram of gold sold. If one Actually Thinks, it makes perfect sense. Beats the competition by long shot. lack of greed will keep them afloat. Nice that people in need of little honesty can still get their fill.

  3. I’m very happy with this seller, i Have pulled out 3.9 g out of a total of 3 Lbs of dirt to date.
    I’ve definately recomended this seller to quite a few beginners in the area.
    Very fast shipping in Alberta.

  4. Dirt Hogg is the absolute best!!! Super fast shipping(in Alberta I get my dirt in two days) so far from 5 pounds of dirt I’ve pulled out 4.2 grams of gold. My advice don’t even waste your time or money on other pay dirt.

    • I do love me some DirtHogg pay dirt but they do have some other great sellers as well. That is why I started this blog so fellow panners could find other great sellers, and avoid the bad ones.

  5. Do you know if Dirthogg is having internet problems? I have been trying to get on their website for 2 days. I love their paydirt love that quartz gold.

    • Yes they were down for about 36 hours but back now. Still look like they are running a little slow but they are back.

  6. I just ordered an insane amount of paydirt from them, they have amazing customer service. Anyhow the 1st 5 pound bag I opened and started classifying down I found a 7.4 gram nugget, that paid for the entire bag. But like I said I ordered a bunch, I also got 4 bonus bags in the order. They are frigging awesome.

    • DirtHogg is still one of my favorites, definitely in my top 3 if I could only buy from 1 of 3 sellers they would be on that list. I keep going back and adding bags to my cart, then I remember they have a lot of other companies I haven’t tried or reviewed. Hopefully soon I can grab a couple more bags. I still need to do a video review for them so probably sooner than later.

  7. I have purchased the bigger bad of pay dirt from Dirt Hogg before. Was very impressed. Will buy from them again. Did have flakes, pickers, and fines and a nugget.

    • I love DirtHogg! My only complaint would be shipping is high, I know it’s from Canada, but I am cheap and hate spending money on shipping. Oher than that I love them, which reminds me I need to buy some more for another review.

  8. Dirt hogg does take pleasure in costing more money and trouble than it is worth for example.
    I bought through his new website 3 1lbs bags of dirt and he asked for me to pay him a additonal 80 usd for shipping it to the Netherlands on with paypal only said it should cost 17 dollars so what on earth would it be another 80 dollars for.
    If you ask me he is a straight up fraud

  9. I have tried other sellers, and still try other sellers. And still to this day, Dirt Hogg paydirt is hands down the best! Period! Thank You Dirt Hogg for staying in business and giving everyone a great product!!!!! Dennis Dayton aka Indiana Gold Hunter

    • Dylan P Miller

      I agree Dennis DirtHogg is one of the best paydirt sellers! If I ever decided to just stick to 3 or 4 sellers they would be on that list.

  10. just ordered 3 bags….will post results once each bag is processed individually….

  11. I got a 1lb bag cost $40 u.s. shipped, had 1.1g of gold very happy with that exceeding my expectations. My wife bought a 2 lb Caribou bag cost $89 u.s. plus shipping, it had a bonus bag sticker on it, had 1.26 g of gold, she said no comment, ??? she panned it 4 times and also got about 5 oz of garnets which she collects.. we have both been dredgers and prospecting for more than 30 years and disabled now, easy to pan as used to this type material, gold chunky to fine, IMO well worth it and will be getting more.?

    • You know so far my best two bags from them have been the 1lb bags. My lowest return was on the 5lb bag which to date is the most I have ever spent on one bag of paydirt. So as it stands I prefer the 1lb bag with no guaranteed amounts, lol.

  12. Great website with a ton of great information! I appreciate you taking the time to share all of this with us. I am curious though, what is your issue with the coffee bags? lol I’ve seen you make mention of it on a couple different reviews and became curious.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the kind words. As to the coffee bags, I just dont like them, lol. Since they are made by folding, they have way more corners for gold to be trapped in. So you really have to take apart the whole bag to make sure all the dirt has been removed. Also by being made airtight, the tend to bust pretty easy, and when they do it is usually in one of the bottom folded in seams so hard to find. When I buy paydirt, I usually have to sit on it for 1-2 months before I get a chance to review it. I always put new purchases in a gallon ziploc bag with all the info for the reviews. When I do get to review then you would be surprised at how often I find some fine dust in those ziplocs which means they are leaking and you cant see it. The last reason is sellers do not use them because they are better bags, only prettier.

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